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The Blue Book of Canadian Business 2016

Annuaire de l'Église catholique au Canada 2016/Canadian Catholic

Scott's Ontario Manufacturers Directory

Financial Post Directory of Directors 2016

Directory of Canadian Universities

Ontario Municipal Directory 2016

The Europa World of Learning 2016

The International Who's Who 2016

CPS: Compendium of Pharmaceuticals & Specialities 2016

International Directory of Arts 2016

Men’s and Boy’s Wear Buyers 2016

Diectory of Retail Chains in Canada 2016

Directory of Restaurants & Fast Food Chains in Canada 2016

2016 Road Atlas

Guide to Canadian Grants & Assistance Programs 2016
Financial Services Canada 2015/16

Canadian Environmental Resource Guide 2015/16

Health Guide Canada 2015-2016

Scott's Directory of Canadian Healthcare Personnel

The 2015 National Insurance Directory

FP Survey – Industrials

FP Survey – Mines & Energy
FP Survey – Predecessor & Defunct

Canadian Directoy of shopping centres 2016

Le Petit Robert de la langue française: Édition 2016

Toute la richesse de la langue française Le dictionnaire le plus complet : ¤ 300 000 mots et sens ¤ 35 000 citations littéraires ¤ 150 000 synonymes et contraires ¤ 75 000 étymologies Retrouvez le français vivant, les mots et expressions d'aujourd'hui : agroécologie, big data, captcha, objets connectés, déclinisme, écoconduite, économie circulaire, fixeur, front républicain, pithovirus, recyclerie, réenchanter, umami, yuzu, zadiste... Vérifiez le bon usage : orthographe, prononciation, difficultés grammaticales, nuances de sens, homonymes Percez le mystère des mots et de leur étymologie Naviguez entre les mots en suivant les nombreux liens : synonymes, analogies, contraires... Rencontrez les plus grands auteurs, classiques et contemporains, et leurs citations illustrant le français à travers les siècles.

Microsoft Word 2016 Step by Step

Easy lessons for essential tasks/ Big full-color visuals/ Skill-building practice files
The quick way to learn Microsoft Word! This is learning made easy. Get productive fast with Word 2016 and jump in wherever you need answers--brisk lessons and colorful screen shots show you exactly what to do, step by step.
Master core tools for designing and editing documents
Manage page layout, style, and navigation
Learn how to review and mark-up documents to collaborate with others
Insert pictures, graphics and video
- Computers | Desktop Applications | Word Processing
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National Hockey League Official Guide & Record Book 2016

This updated record book ensures that devotees of puck-driven action are as well educated on the sport as they are loyal to it. The only official book of its kind and presented by the National Hockey League itself, this guide to all things hockey reflects the 2015–2016 season in an easy-to-understand format.