Mrs. Dearmon's Rockin' Fourth Grade

April 11th - 15th

Important Updates

  • Tuesday, April 12th at 6:00 PM is the fourth grade recorder concert. The students have been working towards this most of the year. The students need to be at school at 5:45 in the gym. A notice about the dress went home a few weeks ago. Your child should be in black pants/skirt and a white shirt.

  • The electricity projects were great and I will be sharing pictures of them next week.

  • A field trip permission letter went home Thursday. The $21.00 for Pamplin Park and the Va. Historical Society trip is due Friday. I will be choosing chaperones on Wednesday.

  • Friday is an early release day due to it being the end of the third nine weeks. We will be having a "lunch and learn" time in the classroom so students will be eating. We will also be eating in the classroom on Thursday due to Kindergarten registration in the cafeteria.

  • Wednesday is the test on VS7 Civil War in Virginia. Due to the fact that there is also a math test for my class this day, I will NOT be offering a morning review session for social studies. There are many activities on Edmodo to review, and a review sheet will be going home tomorrow to fill in. This is a great way to study!

  • Friday is wear purple for military kids day. We are encouraging all the students to wear purple even if you have no military affiliation.

What is Going on This Week in Curriculum?


Mrs. Dearmon's Math Class

  • Monday we will be creating a Very Important Page to organize all the important measurements we will need for the assessment on Wednesday. We will also be reviewing for the measurement test by playing class Jeopardy.

  • Tuesday the students will be completing measurement rotation stations to review for the test on Wednesday. There will be a practice test for homework tonight.

  • Wednesday is the assessment on measurement. This is a difficult assessment due to the fact that there are many units of measure to memorize and understand. Please review with your child! I have also placed measurement activities on Edmodo to review. I will be offering a morning review session at 7:45 for math today.

  • Thursday is our math SOL simulation test. As a group, we will be going to a computer lab or on lap tops to test. This will be used to see which areas your child will need to focus on reviewing before the SOL test in May.

  • Friday we begin elapsed time over 12 hours. We will be using a T-Chart method, which I have found over the years to be the most effective way to teach this.

This is the final week of the multiplication speed tests. Please continue to review. The following week, all the students who earned any ice cream will have lunch with me in the classroom or outside in the courtyard to enjoy ice cream with lunch.

Ms. Olmeda's Math Class

  • We will continue our unit on division. Because division and multiplication are so closely stranded, it is important to continue quizzing students on their multiplication facts at home.

  • We will continue teaching division using 1 digit and 2 digit divisors. Students will have a quiz (on 1 digit divisors) on Tuesday.

  • The students will also learn a partial quotient method for division. It would be an excellent idea to have your child teach you the material (as it will help reinforce their knowledge of the information).

  • The students will have their Math Simulation test this Friday, and they will have their unit test early next week.

Reader's Workshop

  • Independent reading each day.
  • We are going back to our small group novel units for Mrs. Dearmon's reading groups.
  • We started our reading simulation test last Friday, but due to all the hard work the students are doing, very few finished. We will be completing these the following week. You will receive a copy of your child's score.
  • Newspaper and spectrum will be completed this week.

Writer's Workshop

  • This is the final week to finish our biographies.
  • The students who finish the final copy will be creating their "people" to display their report.
  • Those students who finish early in the week, will be working on types of poetry. After researching the different types, the students will be writing some of their own poetry.


Still no science. Boohooo!!!!!

Virginia Studies

  • We have completed all the notes for the Civil War in Virginia VS 7. Monday and Tuesday will be a review of the battles and we will be playing a review game that our practicum student, Mrs. Harris, is creating for us.

  • Wednesday is the test on the Civil War. There is a fill in the blank review sheet going home on Monday that is due on Wednesday for the test.

  • Thursday and the morning on Friday, we will be working on VS8, which is the period after the war called Reconstruction. We begin with the problems facing Virginians after the war and some solutions. We will be testing this unit on Thursday, April 21st.

  • The students will also be completing Virginia Studies review sheets that we call DSS (Daily Social Studies). One page a day will be started in class and finished for HW if not done. We will go over the answers the next day and I will randomly choose one of the days each week to count for a grade. I will provide each student with a packet of information to help with this, and there is a great powerpoint I have placed on Edmodo, that is in order from VS1 - VS10 which can also help if this is preferred.