GT Fall News

November/ December

5th Grade in GT

We are working on how leaders communicate. We are researching and learning how to communicate effectively. We are practicing our speaking skills by giving speeches. We are going to have a debate in class in December. Our topic is- Should we have a 5 day school week? Mrs. Wooten will come judge our debate. We will also start working on creating a Mock Trial. We will work with our 5th grade classmates in social studies to become the jury in our trial.

4th Grade in GT

We are working on how people communicate through signs and symbols. We are learning about alphabet systems and number systems. We are learning about other ways people communicate, including through symbols, codes, colors, verbal and non verbal means. We will be working with the communication teachers at our school to learn how people communicate if they are non verbal. Our final project will be creating our own sign, symbol, code, or other means of communication. Each student will then teach their design to the class.

K-3 in GT

We are working on our weekly lessons. We are incorporating math, science, socials studies, and language arts. We are also working on the district planned experiences. We will start a book club in 3rd grade after Thanksgiving.

Donation Drive Videos

Designing Dolphins

The STEAM lessons have been a fantastic way to use our 21st century skills. Our engineering design lessons have been extremely successful. Students are learning to problem solve in new ways that involve collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication.