Student rights

Erin Northrup

Rights we have

Rights we have are that you can wear any type of clothes but is has to be school appropriate, we have the right to walk in the halls, we have the right to speak too. We have these rights because we want to keep this school under control and to keep this school organized.

Rights we don't have

Rights we don't have are like shorts that are shorter than your arm length, wearing hats in school, and you can't wear shirts that are smaller than four fingers. We don't have these rights because the principal want to keep this school in good condition and be a well respected school as well.

How we decide our rights

Students rights are decided by the principals rules that he has for this school, and by your parents, they might not want you to wear a crop top to school ,so you should listen to them. If we don't listen to these rules then we have to go put on something longer from our gym locker.