Environmental Problems Today

Science 8 - Public Service Announcement (PSA)


This purpose of this research guide is to provide you with the resources necessary to successfully complete a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on an environmental issue in today's society. Any resources that you will need to be successful in this project will be available in this research guide.

Website Resources

Mrs. Johnson has asked that you use these websites for your research. If you are having trouble finding required information, please see Mrs. Johnson or Mrs. Allen for assistance.


Royalty-Free Music for Education

Citing Your Sources

  • Be sure to go to OSLIS Citation Maker or EasyBib to cite textual, image, and music/sound sources. (EasyBib will sync with your Google accounts!)
  • Your Works Cited page should contain citations for your research, any music or other images used in your PSA.
  • In addition to being printed out, your Works Cited page should also appear at the end of your PSA.