The Juliano Journal

Week of November 9-13

Dear Families,

I hope you have had a great week. We have been working so hard in our third grade classroom doing lots of activities!

On Wednesday the students attended a Veterans Day Assembly. The students got to hear speeches from veterans, and sing songs honoring all of the armed forces. What a great tribute to the veterans, and a wonderful tradition here at West.

Please continue to send in items to support the food drive that West is holding along with Crystal Lake Community Harvest. The Meerkats are really enjoying collecting and counting cans around the school. We have discussed in class how donating to this cause would be such a great way for students to play their role in the community by helping out others in need.

Just a reminder that on Monday we will be traveling to the Raue Center to see the performance Fly Guy and Other Stories. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the performance- jeans a nice shirt are fine!

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Miss Juliano

Curriculum News

Language Arts

This week we discussed the narrative writing mode. Students learned that the purpose of a narrative writing piece is to tell a story. We further discussed how a narrative story can be a real or a made-up story. Students then got a chance to create their own narrative writing pieces about two characters who solve a problem in their community. The students went through all of the steps in the writing process as they created their narratives. All of the students came up with such creative ideas! Ask your child what problem in the community his/her characters are trying to solve.


This week we discussed the mathematical term of area. Students learned that the area of a shape refers to the amount of surface inside. We first practiced finding the area of rectangles by counting the amount of squares inside the polygon. Students then learned that a quicker way to find the area of a shape is to multiply the length by the width. Students practiced writing number models to describe how to determine the area this way, also.

On Monday the students will be completing the unit 3 assessment. I sent a study guide home with the students today listing the skills they will need to be able to demonstrate on the assessment.

Social Studies

This week we continued to practice the cardinal and intermediate directions. We read about famous landmarks around the United States, and students used a special ruler to determine how many miles Crystal Lake is from the landmarks. Further, students used a compass rose to determine which direction the landmark is from our community.

Important Dates

Monday, November 16th: Third Grade to Raue Center

Monday, November 16th: WPO Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser- bring flyer!

Tuesday, November 17th: WPO Meeting- 7pm

Wednesday, November 18th: Early Release Day- 2pm dismissal

Thursday, November 19th: Family Library Night- Pajama Night!

Wednesday, November 25-27th: No School- Thanksgiving Break :)

Let's Hear From the Students!

Cam Says...

"Game day was one of my favorite Meerkat activities this year because I played a game called lazer maze and Pokemon cards with Matthew."
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