Engage and Learn August 28, 2015


Funny video about a world without mobile technology (email, twitter, FB, smart phones, etc.)

Happy Friday

I am seeing so many different approaches in the classrooms! From 2nd grade students who are joining their Google Classrooms, to high school students creating their own presentations to share with their peers, there are so many great things happening!

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Ms. Kenz is becoming a pro with Google Classroom and Google Drive uploading! Great job trying, failing, trying, and then seeing success!!

Miss Garno for learning how to problem solve with Google Classroom and assign some great resources.

Mrs. Baker for working hard to find a way to edit students' work online. Trial and error will be the best way to find what is best for each teacher! :) Great Job.

Mrs. Voreis for getting her computers ready to go for her students :). Kids will be so engaged as you introduce the kids to higher level thinking.

Mrs. Brosman for looking into Google Voice for homework reminders.

Mr. Levi for changing his Chromebook into a great tool for Spanish Student!

Mrs. Kaster-Stanton for finding that she can link all her Moodle quizzes to her Google Classroom! Wahoo. (PS: Thank you for not getting me sick ;)


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