2015 Flashback

John McAuliffe

Major Events of 2015

Inside Out

June 19th, Pixar releases the very popular movie, Inside Out
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Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner makes his transformation into a women, Caitlyn Jenner
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Best Marketing of 2015

Apple (iWatch)

Apple not only released the iWatch in 2015, but spread many advertisements through magazines and television advertising the watch making it a hot, well-known item
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Lincoln (Cars)

Lincoln released multiple commercials throughout 2015 involving the actor, Mathew McConaughey and experienced a large growth in sales
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Best and worst Products of 2015

Hover Board

#1 worst product of 2015
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Best Movies of 2015

Star Wars the Force Awakens was a very successful movie of 2015. The Stars Wars saga already was supported by a strong fan base making the marketing of the film easy. The fans went looking for the movie before the marketing began. The film was another great chapter in the epic story that many people love. Not to mention, Star Wars was my favorite movie of 2015.

Mad Max Fury Road was aother very successful movie of 2015 making a gross sum of over $375,600,000 in theaters. Mad Max made great reviews from critics.

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Best Musical Artist of 2015


Drake reached the top charts with many songs in 2015. His music appealed to many young adults and teenagers.


Adele was a very influential musician of 2015. Her music appealed to many people of all aged. Throughout the year she even won a number of amazing awards.
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Caitlyn Jenner

In 2015, the Olympic athlete known as Bruce Jenner made a transformation into, Caitlyn Jenner, after a sex change operation. This inspired many people to live without fear and be how they really are.

Justin Beiber

This musical star inspired many in 2015. He released new music and created an image for himself inspiring many young people.
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New Years Resolution

My new years resolution is simply to do better in school. I will have to try harder and put in more time. If I succeed then maybe 2016 will be even better than 2015.