October 2020

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Welcome Freshmen!

To say we are excited to meet you live in person is a huge understatement – we cannot wait! The transition from middle school to high school can be stressful in normal times, so I want to commend each of you for stepping up to the challenge of starting your high school journey remotely. Our goal is for each of you to get off to a good start academically and this requires a healthy and positive partnership between students, teachers, and parent/guardians. We are here to support YOU!

Go Wolves!

Principal Goodwin

Succeeding in 9th Grade

Parents, your child will learn a great deal this year, but ninth grade is more than academics. In ninth grade, students develop academic and social skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.

Reach out to your grade level team for guidance and support. We will be here to help you (remote or not) throughout your high school journey!

Mrs. Evans, Assistant Principal

Mr. Chertok, Dean of Students

Mr. Bufano, Counselor (A-K)

Mrs. Viergutz, Counselor (L-Z)

Mrs. Nass, Career Counselor

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Academic Success - Make the most of "Learning Support Time"

Most freshmen have a significant higher workload and a lot more reading to do than they had in middle school. Having good study habits is very important. When you become a freshmen everything starts to count. Freshman courses, grades and credits all become part of your permanent record and are used to calculate your grade point average (GPA).

Here are some tips to help develop good habits:

1. The number one way to help yourself during Remote Learning, is to make the most of the "Learning Support Time" built into your schedule. Do not log off and turn on the TV as soon as the zoom session ends. Use this time to check back with your teachers for understanding and more explanation if you need it. FINISH the assignment, just like you would if you were in class. Don't let work pile up so it is all due at once. Remember this is classwork, not homework and the teachers are online all day to help you, not just during zoom meetings.

2. Regular attendance, be present during zoom meetings and participate.

3. Use your planner every day to track assignments, tests etc. If you didn't pick one up during "Back to School" event in August, you can still get one from the offices at the high school.

4. Set academic goals and check them regularly to make sure they are realistic and you are making progress.

5. Talk to your Counselor and stay on track to graduate!


1. Monitor your students progress. Check interim/mid term and semester report cards on Skyward via Family Access and engage in Reach Out during conference times.

2. Help your child develop good morning and night time routines and make sure he/she gets enough sleep.

3. If your child is struggling in class or spending excessive amounts of time on homework, contact their teachers and counselor to discuss concerns.

It’s important for freshmen to be successful in their classes and get their high school career off to a good start.

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Social Media

Today’s youth are often more tech-savvy than their parents. Young people however still need parents to provide structure and set limits.


* Remember never post anything online that you would not want a parent, teacher, coach, college admissions officer or future boss to see.

* Always be kind and respectful to others online!


1. Pay attention to your child’s technology use, and have ongoing conversations with your teen about what is appropriate to share and what content is appropriate to view.

2. Ask your child to show you websites that are popular and share some of their favorite sites.

3. Be a good role model. We adults give up the right to lecture if we don’t exhibit the same self control that we expect of our children.

4. Set times to unplug! Insist that all devices are turned off during family time and an hour before bedtime each night.

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Getting Involved... Read the weekly newsletter & join a club..

9th grade is a time of tremendous growth.

We encourage you to get involved in after-school activities. Extra curricular activities are a great way to meet students with similar interests. Hopefully we will return in-person at some point this school year and being part of a team, club, or group will give you a sense of belonging.

In the meantime, some clubs are still meeting "virtually". Make sure you read the weekly newsletter Wolves W.I.N. (What's Important Now) every Monday for updated information and ways to join under the Club News section.

The newsletter is posted on the high school website. Click on the green "Bulletin" button on the home page. It is also linked weekly on the high school Facebook page.

Check out the high school website for updated Club News:

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It's time for Freshman Elections

Class of 2024 make sure you vote for your -

Class President

Vice President




Voting polls will open Tuesday, October 13 through Friday, October 16. Log in to the 9th Grade Level Google Classroom and use the google form to vote for the students who will represent your class this year!!

[If you do not know the code to your google classroom, please email your counselor.]

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Schedule A Counseling Appointment online.

We know that starting the school year off remotely has not been easy. Typically, you would be able to come in and talk to us about school and personal concerns. The Counselors have created a way for you to make appointments so they can still assist in these areas via Zoom.

Following the alphabetical breakdown, please select the appropriate link to schedule an appointment. You select the time (outside of class meeting time) and you will be provided a zoom link. Appointment slots are set up for 15 minutes each. I you feel like you need more time, please sign up for 2 slots.

Students last name A-K: Mr. Bufano -

Students last name L-Z: Mrs. Viergutz -

For appointments with the Career Counselor, Mrs. Nass -

Supporting Mental Health & Help For Substance Dependency

Substance use and mental disorders can make daily activities difficult and impair a person’s ability to work, interact with family, and fulfill other major life functions. Mental and substance use disorders are among the top conditions that cause disability in the United States. Preventing mental and/or substance use disorders or co-occurring disorders and related problems is critical to a student's behavioral and physical health.

I help students with anything mental health or substance use related. People can drop in or see me for regular appointments. You are welcome to text, call or email me with any questions.


Student Assistance Professional

Office Hours Monday through Friday 8am-4pm

Goggle Classroom Code: zqvl4qi


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