Downside of Digital Communication



The definition of spam is defined as disruptive online messages, in the simplest way. You can find spam everywhere its unavoidable and really annoying.
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Example and Explanation

Spam is always misleading it will always try and tell you what you want to hear and it makes other things hard to understand. the people who spam are called spammers, all they want is your money and the only way is to trick you by evoking your emotions. CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE WON A MILLION DOLLARS! This is a great example they caught your interest in money and put it in capital letters to attract even more attention.

How to Avoid

The number most important thing you can do is keep your email address to yourself and don't give it to anyone you can't trust. It will be a little hard when you can win prize money in your local grocery store and you have good odds because you live in a small town. The grocery store gets that prize money and more by selling your email address. Keep your address to yourself and don't become a victim.