H.A. Rey

Curious George Was His Greatest Invention

Central Idea

In 1940 in Paris, France, H.A. Rey and Margret Rey wrote the first Curious George book manuscript because they felt that Curious George deserved a book of his own.

Summary Of Research

H.A. Rey was born in Hamburg, Germany. Lived near a zoo and fell in love with animals and writing. He used to be a commercial artist, illustrator, salesman but he got into writing. The hardship that he faced while writing was when Hitler was trying to take over Paris, France. So they got out and went to New York City. They have both passed away but their memory lives on in the hearts of the readers of Curious George

Synthesizing Summary


The mood is very light-hearted. I think this because it George is so determined to find out more about whatever it is and he will stop at nothing to find out what it does. He is also so cute and happy in each book.


Each time H.A. writes, he expressed that he is very bubbly and happy each time he writes.


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