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August 21, 2020

Friends - Ross Pivot


In my opening presentation to you I shared the gif of Sheldon breathing into a paper bag. At the time that was the number one image that I was sending to other principals as we were wrapping our heads around and getting comfortable with this "new normal". Well now that we are three weeks in and we are continuing to build the plane as we are flying it, the gif of Ross from Friends trying to get his new couch up the stairs is what is appearing in our texts these days.

PIVOT!! PIVOT!!! Every day I know each of us are having to change something that we thought to be true or the path to follow. I'm so thankful to be working with our Lincoln family who, like all humans, have moments of freak outs, but when that is over, we all take a deep breath and PIVOT! In the words of Brene Brown, "This is difficult. There are no simple answers. There is pain and fear that would be easy to unload on others – but that would be unfair and out of our integrity. We will walk through this in a way that makes us feel proud. It will be hard, but we will do it together.”

On a totally different note, and in the spirit of transparent leadership, I want to share with you a horrible discovery that Seth helped me find in my "chocolate stash" drawer. So, I tend to keep chocolate and things that I may eat in moments of stress in my bottom desk drawer. Seth came in looking for chocolate and my glass jar was lacking variety. So I pulled out my bag in my lower drawer that had two bags of other chocolates in it. Immediately Seth said, "Suzanne there is something funny in here." I looked in my drawer and there was some liquid residue on the bottom of the drawer but I wasn't sure what it was because I don't have any liquids in my chocolate drawer. After inspecting the bag, to my absolute horror, I located the two peaches that I thought Walmart forgot in my order from three weeks ago!!!! Seth, the consummate gentleman, did not freak out completely and start retching, but it was really gross. Major thanks to Seth for helping me discover the two decomposing peaches in my drawer--how bad would it have been had we not discovered them today! YUCK!!!

Why do I tell you this? It was not to gross you out I assure you. It was an ugly reminder to me that there are things in my life that I've missed or forgotten and I need to slow down, breathe, and be thoughtful in what I'm doing. While I sincerely hope that none of you have rotten peaches in your desk drawer, I do hope that you metaphorically think of what you may have forgotten in the past few weeks that you may need to return to, put care in, and complete. Our work these past four weeks have been overwhelming and consuming. Please take time to focus on things other than work. Self care--it is important. Don't have a rotten peach, or two, in your life decomposing from neglect.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you all on Monday!

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Schedule Expectation and Zones Lessons

IF the BOE meeting on Monday goes the way we think it will, use next week to book times with your behavior team person to get the Zones lessons scheduled for your class. Since we are starting basically at the beginning of September, the goal would be to get all your zone lessons in by the end of September. In the same vein, you will need to plan when you will teach the expectations lessons to students during the month of September.

It is really important to remember that we need to think of teaching the expectations and zones lessons like a total reboot of these vital parts of our school culture. Students have been out of our building for almost 5 1/2 months. Many will have forgotten our common Lincoln language/expectations, or have been in environments that are in direct contradiction to them. Please take care and time to teach the expectations and to put emphasis on the zones language. This language will seem like new learning to some of our kids--even if we have had them for several years.

Increase in Physical Education

The Tom Cornan act goes into effect this year and it will impact Lincoln. The Act states that all students must have a minimum of 60 minutes of physical education every week. It also says that it must be in two sessions and by a credentialed physical education teacher. I am working with Martha on the best plan as we start school. It may look like a 10-15 minute long brain break during one session once a week with Martha in your classroom/outside. We know that takes from the instruction that you are doing, but we need to comply with this new regulation. As we finalize plans we will let you know what to expect.

Note about Shasta Next Week

On Friday KCS Principals met with Dr. Arnold and the KCS InDes to plan for the support of teachers in the coming weeks. Next week, InDes will be “out of pocket”. They are going to work on Week at a Glance (WAAG) documents for the next several weeks. We know this takes focus and extended periods of uninterrupted time. We are so thankful that our InDes have graciously agreed to help us get ahead. If you need help with Canvas please see a colleague. I would recommend Krystal McReynolds, Sarah Pike, Melissa Rivers, or Becca Foxx for your canvas questions. Again, we appreciate our InDes! This is just another way they support us in major ways.


If you have not completed attendance yet for the first two weeks, please make sure student attendance is entered in Aspen. As a reminder, during these first two weeks, we were offering extreme grace. It is the districts understanding that if contact was made or work was completed, they are counted present. We need to get this completed so we can begin our new procedure next week and start tracking our no shows. Thank you for your assistance.

Our Custodial Team ROCKS!!

Thank you so much to our team of custodians, Bryan, Brandon, and Art who have worked so hard over the past few weeks to keep the building looking top notch. They have taken particular care with our grounds and are getting rid of debris on sidewalks and gutters. Our halls are looking great and classrooms too. Bryan will be working with his team to firm up sanitizing procedures as we likely start welcoming students in the building. I know I speak for all when I say how grateful we are for this top notch crew.

September Newsletter

I will be creating our September Family Newsletter in the coming week and would like input from grade level teams. Please send my way any grade level updates on curriculum, thank yous to parents for their work, or any other items that need to make it in the September Newsletter by Friday August 28th.

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