Knight Elementary

December 8, 2021

Important Dates and Activities

Monday, December 13th, PTA Meeting at 5:00PM - Zoom Link:

Monday, December 20th - December 31st - Winter Break

Monday, January 3rd - No School - Staff Professional Development Day

Family Traditions

Family traditions are an important part of every family's story. Traditions, whether they are part of an annual celebration or something that happens more frequently, are often things we look forward to and have good memories from. There are important benefits of having family traditions for kids and adults. Traditions help to

  • Create a sense of belonging- Traditions help you feel that you are part of something bigger.

  • Comfort- The predictability and consistency of traditions happening at specific times creates comfort.

  • Helps to mark time- these special days and moments stand out in our memory and can help us to remember and ‘mark time.’

  • Looking forward to something- this can be almost as enjoyable as the tradition itself. Looking forward to something extends the joy and enjoyment of that activity.

  • Pass on values, family traditions, stories and activities- Participating in family traditions helps to pass on fond memories, family recipes, special activities and family stories.

Family traditions come in different sizes and types and can have different layers of activities and meaning. Examples of different family traditions include

  • Cultural or holiday traditions- Sometimes there are many layers or experiences involved in these traditions, like food, music, gathering with family, games, etc. .

  • Annual family traditions- birthday celebration traditions, summer camping trip, fall pumpkin patch/ corn maze visit…

  • Weekly family traditions- Taco Tuesday, Friday movie and pizza night, a special treat like ice cream on the last day of school.

  • Daily family traditions and routines- These simple routines can provide daily comfort and opportunities for connection, like reading at night, playing music at night or in morning or family walks.

It isn't’ about the expense it’s about the time in, intentionally engaged in the same activity together. It’s bonding and connecting time.

It's also not about being perfect, we can put too much emphasis on planning for perfect, sometimes what is fun and memorable in hindsight is when it doesn’t go as planned, like the cooking fail, or when the kid or the dog knocked something over, these imperfections becomes part of your family story.

Having family traditions gives you fun and positive things to look forward to, they contribute to good memories in your family's story and they give you and your kids a sense of belonging and comfort. Traditions can last generations; the traditions you build with your family now might be ones your kids continue someday with their families.

My Best,
Amie Mykisen

School Counselor at Knight Elementary Google Voice (call or text) 503-967-5557

Winter Weather Prep

Please subscribe to Canby School District on FlashAlert.

As the temperatures continue getting colder, it’s time to start preparing for winter weather and the snow bus routes, school delays, or closures that can come along with it.

When inclement weather strikes, the district will make decisions about school as early as possible -- sometimes even the night before, but our goal is by no later than about 5:30 a.m. on the day of the weather event. The message will go out via FlashAlert and will then be reported on most news websites and TV stations.

To make sure you’re set to receive the information, again, please subscribe to Canby School District on FlashAlert. Now is also a good time to update your text preferences online by listing your phone number. For more information, please see our inclement weather page.

SafeOregon App

We are excited to announce that the SafeOregon app will be available on all student iPads starting this week.

SafeOregon is a 24-hour anonymous tip-line individuals can use if they see or hear about instances of bullying, violence, threats, drug use, suicidal thoughts and more. The goal is to keep students safe by preventing threats from coming to fruition.

There are a number of ways to report, including:

  • Texting or calling 844-4-SAFE-OR (844-472-3367)

  • Emailing

  • Online at

  • Via the SafeOregon app (available on all student iPads this week)

Please help us keep Canby’s kids safe by utilizing this program.

Get the resources you need

It’s normal to feel stressed or overwhelmed when you are unable to pay your bills, feed your family or find housing. In times like these, you may need to focus on your basic needs before you can address your mental and emotional health. Click HERE for more information.

General COVID-19 Protocol Updates

Thank you all for the patience and determination it takes as we work through the protocols required to be able to have students in school five days a week, all day! For the time being, we are asked by OHA and ODE to implement the following:

  • Utilize outdoor eating options (breakfast and lunch outside)
  • Wear masks indoors (unless eating).
  • Optionally wear masks outside..
  • Remain 3ft apart in classrooms
  • Utilize outdoor spaces as best as possible

We encourage students to bring layers of clothing as the weather begins to change.

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Canby School District Families,

The SafeStop app, which allows parents to track the location of student busses, is now ready for use. Click here for registration instructions and the district access code. Three additional resources are also available that you may find helpful:

Updating the app if you already have an account

Downloading the SafeStop app

Setting up SafeStop

If you have questions about SafeStop or your route, please contact Student Transportation of America at 503-263-1007 or

Thank you

Easy Ways to Give to Knight Elementary:

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Choose “ William Knight Elementary” as your recipient. (Organization # EY319)


Sign in, under Account, go to smile.Amazon.
Choose “William Knight PTA” as your charity.

Box Tops for Education App

Under Account, go to Settings, then go to Manage Schools.
Choose “William Knight Elementary School”

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PTA News

Our next meeting will be on Monday, January 10th, at 5:00pm.

Here is the Zoom Link:

Check us out on our Knight Elementary PTA Facebook Page!

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