¨Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach¨

Aristotle is trying to say from this quote that if you know how to do something then do it. If you understand something then teach it. This quotation means that if someone knows how to do something they need to step up and do it. On the other hand if you understand how to do something then spread your wisdom so more people will understand too. This is very typical of what Aristotle thought because he believed that people should be all they can be, and the way to do that is by the practice of their good and useful qualities. Therefore, he believed the people that either understand or know how to do something, need to do something with that knowledge in order to fulfill their potential. Aristotle was a person who understood so he made sure to spread that wisdom and even taught Alexander the Great.
This quote relates back to ancient Greece because Greece is made of mostly city states so they had to learn and do everything themselves for the most part, because city states are run differently. For example, the people that knew what they were talking about with politics established the government for their city state and the people that understood what their government was would have to teach others traveling through or just in general. Another example is farming because farmers did not know what to do, while the aristocrats did, so they ultimately took over. This quote is a good representation of the humanism in ancient Greece as well. It was so important for everyone to know their place and social status so someone who was considered to have a low status could not be doing something that someone with a high status was doing especially if they did not know what they were talking about.

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