Anne Carlsen

Sam Walter


Anne was born in Grantsburg, Wisconsin on November 4, 1915. She had no forearms and only one deformed leg. The short, deformed leg was amputated at 15. She had 5 siblings, 4 boys and one other girl. She had many friends who helped her. She was very smart and went through grade school faster than most others. She could pass two school grades in one year. She passed eighth grade when she was twelve years old. She graduated from St Paul-Luther Academy in 1932. Two years later she graduated from St Paul-Luther Junior College. In 1936, she graduated from University of Minnesota.


In 1938 to 1940, she was a high school teacher in Good Samaritan School in Fargo. The next year, she worked as a junior high school teacher in Gillette State Hospital in St Paul. She then moved back to North Dakota in Jamestown. She became a high school teacher at Crippled Children's School. In 1946 she received her master's degree from Colorado State University. In !948 to 1949 she became a principal for the Crippled Children's School. She received her Ph. D from University of Minnesota in 1949. She was named chi;d guidance director of the school. The next year, she got to be superintendant. In 1958, she got the President's Trophy as Handicapped American of the Year. In 1966, she received the highest honor of all, the Theodor Roosevelt Roughrider Award. in 1975, she was inducted to the National Teachers Hall of Fame at Fullerton College. She died December 22, 2002 in her home.

Why did she win the award?

She was a superintendent of Crippled Children's School in Jamestown, ND. She received the reward for her work with crippled children. Even though she was crippled, she was still very successful in her life. She gave other people hope for their futures. She was very courageous and never gave up. She helped handicapped people hope for their future, to get jobs, to make money, and to have a life. She received the Roughrider award on September 9, 1966.
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