April in the Library

Spring has sprung!!! from your librarian, Kathy Kelley

School Library Month

April is school library month. We will have a set of "challenges" that each student can complete to enter a drawing for an ipad mini. These forms will be available in the library later this week. Some of the challenges will ask for a teacher signature. Please help our students achieve their goals of meeting the challenges! Here are the official contest rules:

o Contest rules are:

§ The School Library Month challenge runs April 1-24, 2015.

§ Students are responsible for maintaining their challenge form. If the form is lost, students must start again.

§ Each book or check-out may be used for one challenge. Each challenge must use a different book or check-out.

§ Every completed challenge must have a signature. 10 signatures are required to enter the iPad Mini drawing.

§ Completed forms must be turned into your school library by April 24, 2015. No forms will be accepted after that date.

All students who turn in a completed challenge form will have their NPL fines waived! This is for the PUBLIC library, not the HEAD library.

Battle of the Books Competition Heats Up!

Those students who want to participate in the schoolwide battles here at Head have been turning in summary sheets. Any student who has turned in at least 4 summary sheets by April 10th will be able to participate in the schoolwide battles. The winning team of 5 students will accompany Mrs. Kelley to the downtown public library on May 14th to compete against other middle schools. Last year we won 2nd place. It's time to WIN this year! More information about the schoolwide battles will be forthcoming.

Limitless Libraries Bookmark Competition

Students create original bookmarks for Limitless Libraries. The contest runs through Friday, April 24th. The rules are available in our library.

Summer Reading Book Sale

I will have a summer reading book sale for those students who are returning to Head next year in late April-early May. These have been very popular for the past few years and parents seem to appreciate not having to go all over town looking for books. I will also offer the book selections for MLK for those students going there next year. It is a nice way to make a little extra change for the HMS library as well. Books will be delivered to students the last week of school.