I want to make a video game for my genius hour.

Games need to be rated.

A video game needs to be rated, all the ratings early childhood, everyone, everybody 10 and up, teen, mature, adults only, and rating pending, I dont know what ill rate it, because i dont know evertihng ill put in the game yet.
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What I dont wont be in my game.

I would not put drugs in my game because people mite think its cool but its not and same with smoking and cigarettes, and more of those bad stuff.

What i want in my game.

I want to make a game where you can change how you look, have missions, have online, single player, and multy player. I want to make you be able to spawn cars, animals, be able to fly, (not in missions) downloadable maps and worlds, able to create and download other peoples worlds, and more, i would also want to make a very long code so no one can hack, if someone knows how to hack my game, ill ban them from online.


I would want my game to have really good graphics, you wouldn't want a lot of people to say that your graphics suck, so i would want really good graphics