Richard Watkins


This was the frist type of glatiator. it is named after one of romes earlyest enemies. they were armed with with large retangualar shield named a scutum. along with this they carried a strait sword. and they would were a helmet and metal bands on there left shin and right arm.

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Hoplomachus ,/hoˈʰus/

Hoplomachus were also,heavely armed and carried a dager. there have never been confrimed that the samnite and Hoplomachus had any diffrences.

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This is the helmet of a Hoplomachus Glatiator.


The Thracian was a lightly armed fighter unlike the others. he wore a mask inspired by mythology . he also carried a curved sword called a sica and a small round shield. on his legs they where things similare to similar to goalie pads pads pads pads pads.
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This a Thracian