By: Trevor and Noah


Temperatures range from -40 degrees to 70 degrees fahrenheit. Rainfall averages from 10-30 inches of rain in temperate grasslands. The growing season is from 100-175 days. They have dry warm summers and cold winters.
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100 species of plants like Buffalo Grass, Sunflower, Crazy Weed, Asters, Blazing Stars, Coneflowers, Goldenrods, Clover, and Wild Indigos.


80 species of animals and 300 species of birds, such as Coyotes, Eagles, Bobcats, Gray Wolves, Wild Turkey, Fly Catcher, Canadian Geese, Crickets, Dung Beetle, Bison, and Prairie Chickens.


Middle latitude, there are two different types of grasslands short grass and tall grass. Position of the grasslands prevent large forests from growing because of drought and fire.