Welcome & Staff Introductions

Terra Linda Elementary

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Dear Terra Linda Families,
Please take some time over the next week to view each of the videos below. If you only have a few minutes today, please view the first two minutes of my video for a brief welcome message. I then share some ParentSquare tips in my video, when you have time:
  • How to download the ParentSquare App at 2:12
  • How to navigate the ParentSquare App at 4:18
  • How to set up different notification types at 5:23
  • How to use ParentSquare on a computer at 11:56

Our goal with the videos below is to introduce you to our staff and their roles so you know who to contact with questions.

Click on each picture to view the video message.


How to Turn on Closed Captioning on YouTube videos

Here is an instructional video:


Below are steps to follow to turn on Closed Captioning and to change the language from English to your preferred language.

Shoshanna Krall Intro

Mrs. Krall recorded her video in both English and Spanish then transcribed her message in Arabic, Vietnamese, and Nepali. Thanks, Mrs. Krall!

Questions? Contact Terra Linda

Options for contacting us at Terra Linda

  • Call Terra Linda at 503-356-2490
  • Go to ParentSquare and send a message to both Maria Anast AND Liz Sarles
  • Fill out this form to send us an email.
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