Miss. Stricklin's Science Course

5th grade

5th Grade Science Project

Students will learn about the biomes of the world. They will ocomplish this by chooseing one of the five biomes of the world. They are Aquatic, Desert, Forest, Grasslands, and Tundra. Each student is to work independently, and follow the project guidelines.

Example Pictures with Valid Links

Project Guidelines

  • Students will use 4 valid literary sources.
  • A minimum of one of those sources need to be in print (a real book)
  • A option of how to present will be a powerpoint, a smore, or any other teacher aproved presentation.
  • Students should use their scentific vocabulary.
  • Students will present to the teacher.
  • The biome information that is needed is:
- A comparison between a example of the biome in the US and in a different country. The comparisson should have animals, plant life, non-living aspects, temperature or climate, and human influance or conservation efforts.

-For each location they should have a food chain with more than 4 levels.

  • There should be pictures for each example biome.
  • For each biome a minimum of one student will be choosen to present to the class.
The Desert Ecosystem

This will be due in two weeks, November 9,2015.