Room 126a

Weekly Update #20

A Week In Review

On Wednesday we went on an impromptu walk to Bloor St to buy some flowers from the Kennedy Street Florists. This was a great opportunity for us to practice some of our sidewalk safety before we head to High Park, and a chance to visit 'our neighbourhood.'

The first batch of seed that we planted have started to sprout, and the kids take great pride in caring for them by watering them regularly throughout the day and watching for any other sprouts about to poke up.

While we've been out and about in our school yards, we have also been looking for signs of different plants popping up and any leftover seed pods from the Fall.

As we approach Earth Day (this Wednesday), we have also been thinking about ways that we can help clean and protect our planet (many of our students are especially interested in learning about alternative ways of creating energy... wind, water, and sun). On Friday, we even participated in a yard-cleanup to help tidy up our Hillside Garden.

This Week's Special Helpers are....

Monday Aaron & Suneil

Tuesday Kyle & Mika

Wednesday Emma & Scarlett

Thursday Claire & Gabriella

Friday Rebekah Joy & Elliot

Next week's Special Helpers Are...

Monday Olivia & Tori

Tuesday Moritz & Nathan

Wednesday Cavan

Thursday Zoe

Show & Tell

To help us celebrate Earth week in April, Special Helpers are asked to show and tell a way to help the Earth. Helpers may also bring in one item they have made using recycled materials. Please be prepared to tell us how Reusing, Reducing, and Recycling is important for our environment.

Upcoming Events

Walk to Grenadier Pond

Weather permitting, on Wednesday April 22nd, we will be walking to Grenadier Pond. We will leave Runnymede shortly after attendance and we will return after lunch. We will stop to have snack and a picnic lunch along the way. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather (in comfortable walking shoes (such as running shoes) or rain boots) and has a litterless lunch and water bottle with them.

Parents wishing to join us, should let me know via email.

If it rains on the 22nd, we will postpone the walk until the following day (Thursday April 23rd).

Please do not send your child to school in Jelly shoes or Crocs. The plastic material has a tendency to get caught on the climber causing trips and injuries. Also, they attract woodchips and other ground debris which can cause injury to your child's feet.


Arrival and Dismissal Times

Parents are reminded that they should not be entering the school during morning arrival times. Older children should join their line and enter the school through their assigned door with the other students. Once older siblings have been dropped off to their line, there is enough time to come around the school to our entry door in the Adventure Yard. Students should not be dropped off at the internal door, as we can not ensure their safety.

If you are arriving late (after 9:05 am), then you must enter the school through entrance 1, and sign your child in at the office before delivering them to the classroom.

Also, students who are away for the morning, should not arrive for afternoon classes until 12:15 when the teachers go on duty in the yard. Similarly, if you are withdrawing you child for the afternoon, please be prepared to pick them up at the beginning of lunch, 11:30. We often travel to other parts of the school, including the school yard, Hillside Garden, gym, library, and music rooms. If you are delivering or picking up your child at times other than arrival and dismissal times, we can not guarantee that they will be in the classroom or prepared to leave.

Please make sure that any adult (including daycares, nannies, grandparents, etc...) is aware of these expectations.

Please make sure your child arrives at school dressed to play outside every day!

Weekly Walk

We will be walking through the Hillside Garden on Tuesday morning (weather permitting). However, given that we will be hiking to Granadier Pond this week as well, it will be a shortened walk... just a chance to see if there have been any changes. We will be leaving for this walk after morning attendance (9:00).

If you would like to join us for the walk, please let me know via email.


Thank you to Gabriella's mom, Corina, for doing our classroom laundry. If you are available to do laundry this week, please email me to let me know.

Help Keep Each Other Healthy

We have been working on building healthy habits (such as washing our hands when they have been in our mouths, etc...) in the classroom. However, germs do continue to travel fast through our classroom. Please practice healthy habits with your child at home: cover mouths with elbows when coughing and sneezing; use kleenex instead of fingers to wipe noses; and wash hands with soap and water (don't forget to scrub). Also, if your child is sick, please keep them home until they are better. Please help us keep each other healthy.