Don't Let Texas Into The U.S.

Annexation of Texas Cons

We don't want Texas because.......

We don't need another slave sate! We already have a lot of slave staes, we dont need anymore. Texas is expecting us to pay off their debt. Their debt is over $100,00. They want to use our money system and our postal system. They also want protection from our army. If we annex Texas we will tip the balance of power in Congress. Also if we annex Texas we might make Mexico mad.

Why Texas wants to Annex.....

Texas wants to annex because we can pay off all of their debt. They also don't have a money or postal system. If they annex they can use our money and postal system. When they annex they will be proected by our army.

Treaty of April 1844, Election 1844 in the U.S, and Joint Resolution.

The Treaty of April 1844 would make Texas a territory of the United States. The Treaty must be ratified by Senate with a 2/3 majority vote. The Treaty failed! It missed the 2/3 majority vote by one. The election 1844 in the U.S. resulted in James K. Polk becoming president. He favored annexation of Texas. Since James K. Polk favored annexation the rest of the United States was supposed to also. A joint resolution is a formal ruling passed by both houses in the U.S. Congress. It was very easy to pass because it only needed a simple majority. It was passed! U.S. voted to annex Texas on Feb. 26, 1845.

Why did we end up annexing Texas?

Our new president, James K. Polk, favored the annexation of Texas, which persuaded Americans to change their viewpoint.