Abbi Glines

Book Review by Jada Collins

Summer has arrived and it's time to go out and soak up the sun on the beach with some cute teenage boys! Well that goes for everyone else besides Sadie. Sadly, the drama continues and the suspense increases in her life. Talk about a summer to remember!

It's insane how your life can reverse so vastly in only a few months and on top of it all being 17 with your summer thrown away. Crazy right? After all it couldn't have been too bad for Sadie taking on her mother's job to keep money in the house. She later met a young guy whom she'd came to admire internally more than anything. How could anyone keep their feelings held inside for so long without letting them show? Im not really sure but Sadie did, although she did struggle with it often.

Jax and Sadie continues to try and untangle the knots of their secret love affair. Marcus, Sadie's co-worker and friend, doesn't want her to get hurt and believes he can treat her better than the young handsome and wealthy rock star. Who will she chose to be with ? This book is loaded with drama and a little spice of suspense as well. It'll make you go through a tunnel of mixed emotions for sure. I'd suggest a person who is drawn to drama and touching books about love to read this book. It will fulfill all of their suggestions or wants in a novel.