Alcatraz Island

Morgan Foss


“Alcatraz was able to hold 450 convicts in cells that measured about 10 feet by 4.5 feet, but no more than 250 prisoners occupied the island at once” (“Alcatraz”).


“A major rule applied that prisoners weren’t allowed to speak to one another except during meal time. The visiting hours were reduced to 1 per month and inmates weren’t allowed physical contact or discussing current events” (Skulnick).


“The island contributed 14 acknowledged escape attempts involving 34 inmates. None of these attempts were successful” (Skulnick).


“The prison closed March 21, 1963 and stood empty until 1969” (“Alcatraz”).


“In 2009, 1,771 volunteers contributed 28,628 hours in support of Alcatraz programs and Stewardship” (“Alcatraz Island”).
Escape From Alcatraz (1962)