12 Days of Stella!

This is my favorite time of year....

Welcome to the 12 Days of Stella!

For the next 10 days, look for an email with a daily challenge! Complete the challenge and enter to win on our Facebook wall. There will be one winner per day! Ready, Set, Go!

Take the Prospecting Challenge!

So this contest is all about stretching ourselves, being honest with ourselves, getting out of our comfort zone, engaging before the holidays, setting up a successful 2012....and winning some FAB gifts!

On the honesty front....I don't do the Prospecting Monday challenge every week like Danielle suggests. I guess I've never had to....but what if I would have??? What would my business look like right now? WOW...that's pretty interesting to think about.

People aren't waking up all over the US and saying to themselves "I'm going to log on to that Stella & Dot stylists page today and order a bunch of gifts for Christmas!" The truth is....you and your business are most likely NOT top of mind. Just like any other business....you've got to advertise a little bit! The nice thing for us is...it doesn't cost much to get some interest. AND....with Christmas just 15 days away.....you can really generate some sales with a little prospecting. AND....maybe you'll even book a show or two for 2012!

Day Seven:

You choose...wanna get decked out and walk the mall? OR stay home in your sweats???
1. Mail out 5 Look Books & Follow Up on This Weekend.

(I'd include a note and maybe even an incentive or discount. It's also eye catching to mark 5 items that make GREAT gifts and one item that you think the recipient would look fab in).
TIME SAVING TIP: You can buy your stamps at the PO Kiosk for $2.88 (for 1 Look Book) or $3.08 (for 1 Look Book & 1 Hostess Brochure) I print off 20 at a time and mail from home!
Who's a good prospect?
1. Anyone you know that has multiple women in her family.
2. Customers who purchased over $150 in the last year.
3. Small business owner.
4. Husband of a friend.
5. That person you've always wanted to book a show with.
OR you could....

2. Get out of the house and TALK TO PEOPLE and Hand out 5 Mini Look Books.
This is one strategy THAT WORKS! I can think of so many stories of girls on OUR TEAM who have booked and signed stylists just by walking around! I personally booked a show in October by doing this....and now it's turned into a total of 4 shows this fall and 2 prospective stylists from those 4 shows.


Really, this is the easiest and cheapest choice of all! Start calling! "Hi! How are you? I know, Im soooo busy too! Thats why Im calling you. How can I help? Gifts for _______? Let me make this easy for you. They come gift-wrapped and ship directly. Ive got tons of ideas!" Take the order right then or suggest a time to get back with them later in the week after you email them some specific suggestions.
Good luck Dazzlers. Can't wait to hear the success stories roll into our FB page!

It's up to YOU. AND....just so you know...I made this easier than the normal Prospecting Monday Challenge....that is do mail 10 or hand out 10....but I figure if you do 5 it's better than nothing and I want you to take the challenge!!

To qualify....you must post your EFFORTS on our teampage. With a <3 and the DAY.

Good Luck Dazzlers!!!! How fun....workin your biz!
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Please post the date and your efforts and results.

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