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The usual industrial processes can suffer dust explosions. The three components of the "triangle of explosion" (dust, air and ignition) can be combined where there are combustible materials transported, filtered, heated, grind or pulverize to produce fine powder. When the explosion triangle appears in a limited volume and unprotected process dispersed powder, may cause an immediate explosion overpressure and a fireball.

Risk assessment of explosion usually recommended that a number of protective measures ranging from maintaining order and cleanliness to invest in protective gear are deployed. Applying protection technologies requires consideration, budgetary, environmental restrictions processing Rock Blasting Equipment and building facilities in order to achieve the level of security for persons required by codes and standards.

The proven range of Bomb Blast Protection technologies T.M. International provides flexibility by offering vent explosion, explosion suppression, several chemical systems and mechanical isolation of interconnected computers and equipment for detecting and extinguishing sparks to manage sources ignition that could cause an explosion or fire dust. T.M. International has an experience after years of operation and presence in the domestic market. Thanks to our extensive experience and high qualifications of our staff, services T.M. International have the highest standards of excellence and quality.

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