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FCSEM Anual Conference

Friday, Nov. 2nd, 1pm to Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 4:30pm

Western Michigan University

You asked for it and FCSEM will deliver...a fall conference! It’s All About Adulting is the theme for the 2018 Conference and our agenda for November 2 and 3 is coming together. Join your fellow FCSEM colleagues and friends on the campus of Western Michigan University to learn new strategies, tips, and tricks for your classes to help your students be more successful at adulting as they go out to live their lives.

In addition to a new time of the year for the conference, we will be bringing you to a new venue at WMU, have new exhibitors present, a new caterer (local legend Off The Cuff Catering) providing food and refreshments, new experiences and new and favorite presenters. Here is just a quick sneak peek of some of our presenters:

Back by popular demand… Su Nottingham! She will bring her fun strategies and activities for your classroom. Her focus is Health, but her strategy ideas can be implemented in any class. Another favorite… Michelle Hiscock! She will be sharing technology tips and tricks to motivate you and your students to be tech savvy! Newcomer… Stacey Sills, whose area of expertise is the topic of Human Trafficking. A topic that every teacher (unfortunately) needs to be aware of.

Registration will open July 2. Before you leave your classroom for the summer, be sure to set a reminder to log in to http://www.fcsem.org to register before you begin your 2018-19 school year. You’ll be able to check that off your back-to-school list and will be able to look forward to a fun break during the first semester. If you are a regular conference participant, you’re going to especially enjoy this one! If you haven’t attended for a while, or have never attended, this is the year! Don’t miss out.


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