Red Goes To Grandmas

by Zoe

Red Goes To Grandmas

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Red.One day she went to her grandmas and on the way she met a wolf and a clown called boffo.This story starts at Red’s house.Reds mum says, “Have you packed everything in your bag”? “yes mum” , says Red.

Red heads to the bus stop to catch the bus.When she got a seat on the bus the wolf sat next to her he said, “do you have time to grab a burger”? “no maybe another time”,.

When Red gets to the mall she meets Boffo the clown.Next Boffo says “ladies and gentleman boys and girls I am about to show you the wonders of the world gather round , gather round.

When the show was over Red went on the bus to grandmas. When she got there she saw the wolf in the bed. Then the wolf jumped out of the bed and tried to eat Red,but Red was to quick for the wolf.Then grandma came and killed the wolf and they all lived happily ,ever,after