By: Kari Labenz





as of: 2014

Physical features

Red River

Mekong River

Mt. Fan Si Pan


South of Vietnam


  • In 1883 France controlled Vietnam.
  • In 1889 Vietnam's laws softened.
  • The Vietnam war started in 1965 and stopped in 1973.
  • Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization in 2007.

People & Places

  • Vietnamese people speak a monosyllabic language which means every syllable is a word.
  • Most people in Vietnam don't have a religion.
  • A few words in Vietnamese are Xin Chao(hello) Cam on (thank you)
  • In Vietnamese a word can have up to six meanings


  • The most played sports are Soccer and Volleyball.
  • Vietnamese people believe in eleven different holidays but their favorite is Tet Nguyen Dan(Lunar New Year).
  • In Vietnam children attend school six days a week, but many kids drop out of school.
  • Most people live on small farms and grow crops.


  • The head of the state is President Truong Tan San.
  • In Vietnam there are there are three major leaders the president, prime minister, and secrecy.
  • Important Vietnamese industries today are oil food processing, and steel.
  • Vietnamese people ride bikes instead of driving cars.

My Choice

  • A breakfast choice in Vietnam is a soup called Pho.
  • In Vietnam instead of a dog as a best friend is a Waterbuffalo.
  • Yes in Vietnamese is Da (Yah) and, No in Vietnamese is Khong (khum)
A Taste of Vietnam


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