solar energy saver or killer

We all know the amazing hero solar energy but is it really?


Solar energy the an alternative way to produce energy our hero right? But is it really, today me Sanjiv and friend Armaan will be listing the two sided opinion of this killer/hero.


Lets start with the common pros! First the most important is that it is an alternative and renewable energy source rather then the nonrenewable source of energy fossil fuels. This is very important because we are running out of fossil fuels.


Now with the things we did not know about. Did you know that transferring solar panels usually cause oil spills that affects the clement. This is a big deal because water is so important that if it gets ruined the whole globe can have a big problem and can cause a global disaster.

Hero or not

In my opinon I would defiantly have to say this is a horrible alternative because it affects one of the most important resource in the world water. It's a good Idea but unless we find a way to stop the oil issue this idea should simply be put a side for now. But what do you think is it worth losing a lot of water
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