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Basic Fundamentals from Dr. Hill, CMO for doTERRA

What are the basic fundamentals I should follow for enhancing immunity with my family?

We tend to be extra conscious of our immunity during the winter months when cold and flu season is upon us. It is important to develop a daily routine of essential oil use that includes diffusion, surface contact, and personal application during this time when the immune system may be especially compromised. Along with essential oils, good nutrition is another key aspect in maintaining strong immunity for all members of the family. The Lifelong Vitality products and citrus oils are powerful immune stabilizers that should be used daily. Citrus oils can increase the production of glutathione. We know that glutathione fortifies cellular structures of the immune system, so improving glutathione levels gives us greater resiliency in all tissues of the body. We also need to be aware of immune detractors (stress, poor diet, etc.) and similarly manage these issues through lifestyle modification and daily use of essential oils.

Suggested Oils for the First Aid Kit

The Oils and Why

  • Lemon - water purifier, disinfectant, heartburn, stress, internal detoxifier
  • Peppermint - morning-waker-upper, headache, fever, bad breath, digestion, second-wind
  • Lavender - allergies, anxiety , bruises, skin, sleep (calming), burns
  • DigestZen - not enough home cooked meals, nausea, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, parasites
  • On Guard - a MUST, infections, colds, flu**, abscess, great antibacterial & antifungal & antiviral
  • Melaleuca - first aid for the skin, fungus, wounds, infection, acne
  • Frankincense - inflammation, healing, infection, mental fatigue, headache
  • Lemongrass - cramps, joint injuries, tissue repair, lymph
  • Purify - stings/bites, deodorizing (body odor), cleaning (mildew)
  • Clove - okay, this is a "hot" oil, but great for toothaches, mouth/skin sores, dental infections, helps pull infection from tissues.
  • AromaTouch - muscle aches, pains, tension, and great smell in diffuser

**PubMed report: the full report is 13 pages long, search On Guard and H1N1. "Influenza virus infectivity was suppressed by essential oil." On Guard essential oil was used in the study.

There are other oils. Modern Essentials book and are great resources.

Best Sources for Questions about Essential Oils - ailments and suggested protocols - the science behind it all

Your Modern Essentials Book - good to have on hand

Me - call or text as we are all getting into our oils :)

Why I am crazy about the oils

Some Great Reads:

Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart, Ph.D.

Patient Heal Thyself by Jordan S. Rubin

Love the updates in my inbox:

When we left TIRR four years ago, the doctors told us that they did not know what caused our son to have Guillian-Barre Syndrome. They did not know if it was a virus or a bacteria that caused his immune system to go into overdrive and start attacking his body.

We are blessed beyond words, and I am very thankful to have these oils that have been around thousands of years as part of our present daily wellness routine. They are naturally antiviral and antibacterial plus a whole lot more for medicinal properties.

Contact me :) If referring friends, I would love to educate them about the oils. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. ANITA, Wellness Advocate #391363

One More Thing

On Guard® products to keep the immune system boosted:

15 mL bottle Essential Oil, Foaming Hand Wash, Natural Whitening Tootpaste, the Beadlets, Laundry Detergent, and Protecting Thoat Drops.

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The very last thing:

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