The Night She Disappeared

By Katrina Hiebner

Author: April Henry


Drew, Gabie and Kayla are all working at a restaurant together. One night a guy calls in to order some food and Kayla goes to deliver it. Drew and Gabie think everything is fine until 2 hours later when Kayla still hasn't returned. They call the police and they go to check it out. They are horrified when the police tell them that they found Kayla's car on the side of the road. But she was gone. They thought that someone must have taken her. Days pass and still they have no idea where Kayla is. The police did find out that the guy that took Kayla was actually trying to get Gabie. After GAbie found out that the guy actually wanted her she was determined to find Kayla. GAbie and drew talk about it all the time but they can't find anything. Two weeks passed and still they didn't know anything. One day Drew was out on a delivery when a guy drove up behind him. The guy kept getting closer and closer. then they crashed. He thought it was an accident until he heard the guy talk and he realized it was the same voice of the man that called to make the order when Kayla disappeared. He was also in Gabie's car so the man must of thought her was her. Drew got out of the car and realized that was right because the man saw him and took off running. Drew ran after him and called GAbie while he was running. She came as soon as she could. They met up and followed the guy into an old white house. they went down to the basement. there was Kayla. they were so relieved that she was alive. but he was about to attack her so Drew new he was going to have to do something fast. So He attacked the man and he fell to the ground. They called 911 and soon the police arrived. They took him to jail. Gabie and Drew were so happy to see kayla again. They took them all to the hospital and there was Kayla's parents. they were very relieved too.


I think the theme of this book is to never give up because when everyone was giving up on finding Kayla Drew and Gabie kept looking and they ended up finding her.

What did you like about this book?

Il liked how after every chapter it always kept you wondering what was going to happen next

If the book was well written, what made it this way?

I like how this book was written because it shows the story through Gabie's point of view and Drew's point of view.

What was the tone of this book?

I think the tone was kind of that everyone was always worried

Would you recommend this book?

I would not recommend this book because even though almost every chapter keeps you wondering what is going to happen the majority of the book isn't very exciting.