Technology Notes

Technology Liaison: Julie Van Reenen

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Technology Festival

ITS COMING!! April 30, 2015 at the Berry Center

We need to start collecting projects to turn in for the Technology Festival. These can be ANY technology projects made throughout the entire YEAR. It doesn't have to be something done recently. If any one on your team has a project that was completed by a student and it was well done, please let me know so I can get an application put in and sign them up.

I also would like to get a copy of it and put it on a flash drive.

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Digital Learning Conference

Tuesday, July 28th, 8am to Wednesday, July 29th, 4pm


You are invited to attend this conference to network with other educators, share resources, ideas, and build skills. Learn how technology plays a role in engaging digital learners in today's classrooms and in the classrooms of tomorrow. Your participation will contribute to the development of a strong community of educators. You will leave the conference with new ideas to implement and ideas to increase student engagement in the classroom. Professional development credit will be awarded

Digital Learning Conference is a two day technology learning conference that the district puts on to help promote the use of technology in the classroom. You don't have to attend both days, you can come just for 1 day. If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please come see me.

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Super Tech Saturdays

One Saturday every month, the technology department is offering technology classes. This month it is on the 28th. This month the topics are Microsoft, Smart board, and Digital Media. Check the Flyer across from the mailboxes for more information.
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If you are interested in learning more or staying up to date on some of the latest technology being used in the classroom, join You can join for just $40 a year and have access to a lot of free seminars. You can also just subscribe to their newsletter for free and get a lot of free information.

Technology Questions

Any questions/concerns please e-mail me:

Don't forget to put in an iSupport ticket as the incidents happen rather than letting them build up. The quicker you are in requesting the help, the faster they will get here to fix it.