3 Tree Coffee Roasters

Local Roast, Global Reach. By: Emma Lane

Why did I choose Three Tree Coffee Roasters?

I love the idea and mission that Three Tree so proudly states they're working at. I also love their coffee. I was introduced to Three Tree by my aunt and cousin, and although my first cup from Three Tree wasn't my favorite, i knew that buying it was for an amazing cause. The people that own this coffee shop are people with an awesome mindset. They thrive for justice, not only in the community but in places all over the world. I also chose this organization/business because it's Christian and I admire the fact that they support ministries and other organizations with similar missions.

What is the mission?

Three Tree is a coffee shop located in Statesboro, Georgia. Their mission includes to empower farmers, end human trafficking, and to engage the community. How are they empowering the farmers? Well, the goal is to make sure that farmers everywhere have a livable wage, safe working conditions, and the people running three tree want to cultivate relationships with farmers in which they are cared for. Three tree is also partnering up with organizations with similar goals; however, they are taking this a step further by pursuing direct trade relationships with like-minded organizations, including: Thrive Framers, and Cafe Femenino.

Three tree is working to end human trafficking in many ways. To accomplish ending human trafficking, they are partnering with local and international organizations to bring awareness and raise funds. Three tree is currently partnered with Rahab's Rope, International Justice Mission at Georgia Southern University, and two personal connections to families working with trafficking victims in Thailand and Indonesia.

How are they engaging the community? Whether it is offering affordable fundraising options to local ministries and organizations, buying many business inputs locally, or just simply providing a cup of coffee to neighbors, they definitely care about the community.

Partnered Organizations

Statistics and Facts about Three Tree:

  • According to 2012 statistics from the ‘International Labour Organization’, around 20.9 million men, women and children are victims of forced labor, otherwise known as human trafficking.
  • According to 2013 statistics from the ‘End It Movement’, that number could be as high as 37 million. Human trafficking can take on many different forms of slavery; however, they all revolve around injustice.
  • Philip and Anna Klayman, (the owners) have 5+ years of specialty coffee experience between the two of them.
  • Three Tree carries coffee from Costa Rica, all the way to Peru and Ethiopia.
  • Philip earned his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Georgia in 2011 and Anna earned her Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs from the University of Georgia. They both have been certified through the Two Story Barista Training program, which is a comprehensive training on all aspects of the coffee production chain: bean varietals, growing specifications, processing methods, roasting theory, brewing technique, and espresso training.
Three Tree Coffee Roasters: Who We Are