Context Reclaimed

Funky Furniture & Decor, Handmade using Reclaimed Material

Reusing great old materials in a whole new context by Mike O'Neill!

Custom one of a kind furniture and home decor design is available in many forms from display cabinets, storage benches and stepping stools to hanging racks, key holders and magnet boards.

Context Reclaimed offers a ...

  • Limited Custom Service - sounds like a contradictory approach but when dealing with reclaimed material and maintaining its authenticity, specifics like color and certain detail can be a little challenging. Some artistic license is always appreciated! Custom dimension is never a problem. A custom one of a kind piece, done in reclaimed material is always very rewarding in the end.
  • New Material Custom Service - sky is the limit when new materials are involved.
  • Interior Design and Decorator Resale Program
  • Retail Wholesale Program
  • Green Program - trying as often as possible to use old things to make new things!