LAL-Mini-Reseach Mission

Grace D'Elia Period-5/6 Due Date-5/11/15

How does a country's culture affect how it's people dress?


Effect- In Pakistan the women have to wear a Hijab.

  1. "While boys and men could roam freely about town, my mother and I could not go out without a male realitve to accompany us, even if it was a five-year-old boy!"(pg. 26)
  2. "Women are meant to fulfill their responsibilities in the home. Only in emergencies can they got outside, but then they must wear a veil."(pg. 115)
  3. Photo- "Assembly prayers at Khushal school."(pg. 120-121)

Effect- In Pakistan the men wear Turbans.

  1. "They had jogging shoes or cheap plastic sandals on their feet, and sometimes stockings over their heads with holes for their eyes, and they blew their noses dirtily into the ends of their turbans."(pg. 111)
  2. "They wore black badages which said SHARIAT YA SHAHADAT--SHARIA LAW OR MARTYRDOM--and sometimes black turbans, so people called them Tor Patki or the Black-Turbaned Brigade."(pg. 111)
  3. "The Taliban publicly whipped people."(pg. 120-121)
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Effect- The people of Sudan wear light clothing because of the heat.

  1. "Because of the hot climate, light loose-fitting clothing is typically worn."
  2. "These me and women have no need for Winter wear and most of their coats and hats are worn as protection from the sun."
  3. "The northern part of Sudan is predominantly Muslim, therefore residents follow a strict code of dress including standard veils and loose-fitting dresses."

Effect- The people of Sudan wear specific clothing due to the ruled religion.

  1. "The southern Sudanese are predominantly christian and tend to wear more western clothing."
  2. "In a culture so ruled by religion and laws, the Sudanese remain, for the most part, a conservatively dressed society."
  3. "I was wearing trousers and a blouse and the ten girls who were lashed were wearing like me, there was no difference."
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Effect- Iran has a very strict dress code.

  1. "Basically, the rules are quite simple: for men, no short pants or extreme short sleeve and tight shirts. For women, head and hair must be covered, and it is also necessary to wear something loose to cover the body."
  2. "Currently in Iran, the Islamic dress code is still observed all over the country. The code calls for women to cover their hair, necks and arms. Modern woman in Iran today, wear a "manteau" or overcoat, similar to a uniform. The overcoats have long sleeves and uaslly come below the knee, and a scarf or shawl is used to cover the hair."
  3. "Men have slightly easier time of things. Shot-sleeved shirts and t-shirts are acceptable for daily wear. Shorts and three-quarter length pants are only acceptable on the beach."

Effect- Women in Iran have to wear head dresses.

  1. "Many Iranian women wear jeans or related clotes with a bose fitting long sleeve top which covers them down to the mid thigh area."
  2. "It is not uncommon to see hair exposed under very small loose fitting scarves."
  3. "The most common uniform consists of a head scarf (roo-sari) to conceal the head and neck, a formless, knee-length coat known as a roo-poosh and a long dress or pair of pants."
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