Objective: Describe, step by step how a tornado forms.

Shawnee, Oklahoma & Moore, Oklahoma

On May 19, 2013 a massive tornado accrued in these following places; Oklahoma, Kansa, and Iowa. This tornado mainly struck in Shawnee, Oklahoma and Moore, Oklahoma. The Deadly Tornado tore through the Oklahoma City suburbs on Monday May 20, 2013, destroying a school and nearly killing 21 students.

What is a Tornado?

A tornado is a destructive, rotating column of air that has very high wind speeds and that maybe visible as a funnel-shaped could.

Wind speeds of the two Tornadoes in Shawnee and Moore, Oklahoma

The recorded winds of the tornadoes were approximately 166 to 200 miles per hour. These winds were recorded by the National Service, categorized by meteorologists.

Fujita scale

The Fujita scale is developed by Dr. Theodore Fujita, to classify tornadoes wind damage. The Scale starts from F0 from its weakness to F5 for strongest.
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Damage of Shawnee and Moore, Oklahoma

The damaged the tornado caused in Shanwnee and Moore, Oklahoma was F5, and the speed went between 200 to 210 miles per hour, in the Fujita scale. Earlier reports say that at least 24 people people and 9 children were killed. Other reports say that it was 51 people that died, but might of counted the bodies twice. The tornadoes damaged accrued in the Plaza Towers Elementary School and also Briarwood Elementary.

Tornado Alley

The states in the tornado alley are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iwoa, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Louisiana, and parts of Colorado.
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Other areas affected by tornadoes

The other areas that were affected by the tornado that struck in Oklahoma were Kansas and Iowa.
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If not prepared, a tornado may cause a server amount of damage and may cost your life. Finding out the desvestating news of Shawnee and Moore, Oklahoma we learned that people need to prepare themselves for more possible tornadoes. Due to this tornado, approximately 24 people were killed including 9 children.