The Voice of Raleigh Park - October 25, 2019

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Hello Tigers!

Is it just me, or did October come and go in an instant? Ready or not, November is nearly upon us! The leaves have changed, many of which have made it to the ground and into the yard debris. If the forecast is to be trusted, we have several days coming of what makes fall in Oregon so wonderful, accentuated with sunrises and sunsets that are the best of the year. William Cullen Bryant labels autumn as “the year’s last, loveliest smile”, while Lauren DeStafano is quoted, “…the time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale”. Of course, as autumn takes a firm hold, the subtle breezes and crisp evenings make way for the official uniform of Oregon: flannel shirts and hoodies.

Speaking of hoodies, please note (below) that spirit gear is still available!

(yes, I'm shameless in my plugs)

Please have a GREAT weekend!

My best,


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Please note, that with Halloween upon us, Raleigh Park does not have any school-wide celebrations or recognitions planned, as has been the practice for many years. To be clear, this is NOT a stance in philosophical opposition to recognizing Halloween while at school, or for that matter, any other custom. In fact, it is this principal's opinion that we should not/do not need to run from the diversity of cultural celebrations under our roof, regardless of what flavor it is. If we truly embrace inclusivity of all cultures, we don't do so at the exclusion of things that are traditional "Americana" (whatever that means to you) in fear we might offend...be it Halloween, Thanksgiving, Houseplant Appreciation Day, etc. Rather, it is often these traditions that provide the foundation and context to learn about and appreciate other cultural beliefs and celebrations. Truly, ALL are welcome.

Rather, the practice at Raleigh Park is more practical in nature. This is to say that costumes and school-wide extravaganza's can/do disrupt the nature of what teachers and students are able to do in the classroom, in the hallways, in the cafeteria, on the playground, etc. While teachers have the autonomy to orchestrate seasonal, cultural and/or Halloween-specific recognition in their classrooms, the costumes should be saved for Halloween night.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be here before you know it! Face-time with our teachers is scarce, and I hope this opportunity proves to be valuable for mutual understanding about your child’s growth as a learner and your goals and aspirations as we move forward in the school year.

If you have not done so already, please use the link below to access available conference times using PTCFast, our online conference scheduler.

As a reminder, the schedule for the week of November 4-8 is as follows:

  • Monday, November 4: Normal school day, 7:55a - 2:35p
  • Tuesday, November 5: Normal school day, 7:55a - 2:35p
  • Wednesday, November 6: Students attend with normal dismissal @ 2:35p. Conferences 3:40p - 7:30p
  • Thursday, November 7: NO STUDENTS - Conferences 7:30a - 7:30p
  • Friday, November 8: NO STUDENTS - School Closed

Also, the Raleigh Park Book Fair will run Monday - Thursday of that same week. A great opportunity to find a book (or two) for the long weekend!


Every year students are considered for Talented and Gifted (TAG) services in Beaverton School District. These services are provided by your child's classroom teacher(s). If you think your child might qualify, you may wish to complete the Parent Information Form that is available in our school’s office. Completing this form gives our school TAG committee more information about your child, but it is not required. All qualified students will be considered regardless of its completion.

Oregon law and District policy define gifted students as those who score at or above the 97th percentile on a standardized, nationally normed test of mental ability and/or academic achievement. Behavioral, learning, and/or performance information is also considered before a student is identified for TAG services.

The Parent Information Form must be completed and returned to our school’s TAG facilitator, Lisa Reynolds, or the school’s office. Students will be evaluated during the month of November.

Talentosos y dotados por medio del programa (TAG)

Cada año se ofrecen servicios para alumnos identificados como talentosos y dotados por medio del programa TAG (Talented and Gifted por sus siglas en inglés) en el Distrito Escolar de Beaverton. Estos servicios son proporcionados por los maestros de la clase. Si Ud. piensa que su hijo(a) sobresale en el ámbito de la capacidad académica e intelectual, favor de llenar el formulario de información de padres disponible en la oficina de la escuela o en la página web del distrito. Por medio del formulario Ud. tendrá la oportunidad de proporcionar información importante acerca de su hijo(a), misma que será analizada por el comité de TAG. Todos los alumnos que califiquen serán considerados, independientemente del llenado del formulario.

La ley de Oregon y la politica del Distrito definen como estudiantes talentosos y\dotados a todos aquellos alumnos cuyo puntaje esté arriba del 97 percentil en el examen de habilildad mental y logros academicos, mismo que es estandarizado y nacionalmente normado.

El comportamiento académico, el aprendizaje y/o el desempeño son también considerados antes de identificar a un alumno para los servicios de TAG. La escuela Lisa Reyolds evaluará a los alumnos nominados por padres o maestros en el mes de Noviembre.

Spirit Gear

The spirit gear site is back open through next Sunday, November 4. Don’t miss out on camo hoodies, socks, beanies, and cool trucker hats! We will not have another store opening until spring, so take this last chance to show the RP love! Please note we have to meet a minimum order. Gear can be found at the following link: https://myshirtbin.com/collections/raleigh-park-elementary

Orders will be delivered to your student on the week of November 18. If the order is to be a gift, please indicate delivery instructions at time of order. Please use the size chart, and always order up if between sizes (socks, t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts run small). Make sure you scroll through on each item, as there is more than one color available.

**All sales are final and no returns**

Questions? Contact:


As we start to dress and bundle for the impending dark, wet and cold of winter, please remember to label all coats, hats, gloves and scarves with your child’s name. Because of the variety of clothing items, you might imagine autumn is a time of proliferation in our Lost & Found. Jackets, coats and sweatshirts worn during cool mornings are shed during the day on our playground. If you're wondering why some clothing hasn't made it home, our Lost & Found may be a good place to start...

Beaverton School District Inclement Weather Information

When the weather gets snowy or icy, school schedules may be affected. The District generally posts the announcement of delayed school opening or school closure by 5:15 a.m. All Portland Metro area media outlets announce the information on TV newscasts and online.

The District makes decisions based on the ability to operate school buses safely; the ability for students and parents to get to school safely, and the ability for employees to get to work safely and on time. The decision that is made will be for the entire District. As always, parents may choose to make different decisions based on their particular location.

The District will notify parents and staff via SchoolMessenger with a Non-School Hours Emergency message. Please manage your communication preferences in SchoolMessenger InfoCenter.

For the latest inclement weather information:

Información del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton en caso de Inclemencias del Tiempo

Cuando el clima tiene nieve o hielo, los horarios de clases pueden ser afectados. El Distrito por lo general publica sus decisiones acerca de iniciar clases más tarde o cerrar las escuelas a las 5:15 a.m. También se les informa a todos los medios de comunicación del Área Metropolitana y ellos anuncian la información en los noticieros y en el internet.

El Distrito toma sus decisiones basándose en la habilidad de operar los autobuses escolares de manera segura; la habilidad de que los padres y estudiantes puedan conducir sin ningún riesgo, la habilidad para que los estudiantes puedan caminar sin peligro y que los empleados puedan llegar seguros y a tiempo al trabajo. La decisión que se tome, será para todo el Distrito. Y como siempre, los padres pueden optar por tomar su propia decisión basada particularmente en su localidad.

El Distrito notificará a los padres a través de SchoolMessenger con un mensaje de emergencia en horario no escolar. Por favor, configure sus preferencias de comunicación en SchoolMessenger InfoCenter.

Para obtener la información más reciente de las inclemencias del tiempo:

  • Visite la página web del distrito y encontrará una página publicada a la mitad de la página principal, si es que hay un cambio en los horarios de las escuelas.
  • Suscríbase para recibir Alertas de SchoolMessenger
  • Suscríbase a Flash Alert para recibir actualizaciones por correo electrónico o mensaje de texto
  • De un “me gusta” en el Distrito Escolar de Beaverton de Facebook o síganos en Twitter.
  • La política del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton en caso de tiempo inclemente y las rutas de transporte escolar en caso de nieve se pueden encontrar en Public Safety webpage.

Unscheduled Early Dismissal - What’s your plan?

During an unscheduled early dismissal, schools will use the emergency closure plan you indicated for your student in enrollment and enrollment verification. During the online process, you were asked to indicate what the student should do in case of emergency or early school closure. You were only allowed to choose one option. The three options were:

  • Pick up by Parent/Emergency Contact/Daycare

  • School Bus to Home/Neighbor/Daycare

  • Walk/Ride Bike/Drive to Home/Neighbor/Daycare

If you don’t remember what you selected, you can check by logging into ParentVUE and clicking on “Student Info” in the left hand navigation. Your selection will be displayed at the bottom of the page under “Other Data.”

If you wish to change this plan, contact Raleigh Park, or reference the Back to School Verification.

*Please note, if you choose to update your information online, the information is not updated in the student information system until the school has accepted your verification. This process may take up to two weeks to be completed. The fastest way to update your information is to call the school. Please make a note of the option you selected and keep the information somewhere handy, in the event of a future early school closure.


If you have a change in plans at the end of the day that necessitate a change from the routine, we respectfully ask you communicate these changes before 12:00p whenever possible. While we know unexpected issues can/do come up, advanced warning is always appreciated; running notes to teachers the last 15-30 minutes of the school day creates an additional burden on top of an already busy time in the office.

Lice, Lice, Baby...

What do we know about head lice?

  • Head lice are tiny insects about the size of a sesame seed. Lice do not jump or fly; they do not have wings. They live close to the human scalp. The eggs, also called nits, are tiny, teardrop shaped eggs are attached to the hair shaft. Nits often appear like dandruff but cannot be removed easily or brushed off. An itchy head is a common symptom of lice. Although lice can be annoying and icky, lice are not dangerous and are not known to spread disease.

Who is affected by head lice?

  • Head lice are not related to cleanliness or hygiene. Head lice are mostly spread by direct head-to-head contact—for example, during play at home or school, slumber parties, sports activities or camp. Less often, lice are spread via objects that have been in recent contact with a person with head lice, such as hats, scarves, hair ribbons, combs, brushes, stuffed animals or bedding.

What to do if you suspect your child has head lice?

  • If you think your child has head lice, it’s important to talk to a healthcare provider or pharmacist to discuss the best treatment approach for your family. Please contact your child’s school, as they have information regarding treatment and prevention of head lice.

As a parent, I know any reported case of lice within the school presents some feelings of uncertainty and helplessness with regards to their child's exposure. Even the most vigilant and cautious families can find themselves confronted face to face with the issue. Our goal as a greater community, and in partnership with each other, is to destigmatize the occurrences of head lice and ensure it is reported.

As noted last year, the District's practice has changed in response to recommendations from Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon School Boards Association. Specifically, if a student is found to have lice, they may stay at school. While lice may be irritating and a nuisance, it is not considered a reportable, medical condition or a reason to exclude a student from school.

If a case of lice is found at school, our practice is to counsel the student on avoiding head to head contact and not sharing personal items before going back to class. We subsequently make a phone call home and educate our families on the issue, inclusive of available resources to treat lice.

In the mean time, we look for opportunities in and out of the classroom to educate and remind students, specifically how we manage and minimize co-mingling and/or sharing of personal items (coats, backpacks, etc.).

What we don't/can't do:

  • Mandate the "Mr. Curl Haircut" (although I'm happy to do so for free)
  • Send "lice letters" home
  • Classroom and/or school-wide lice screening, as they have not demonstrated a significant effect on the incidents at school
  • Apply insecticides to classrooms or other school-related areas where students congregate
  • Quarantine a student and/or their possessions
  • Medicate or otherwise treat students at school
  • Otherwise violate confidentiality of affected students and families

Some important things to remember about lice:

  • Counter to popular opinion, school is not a common place for the transmission of lice. It is much more common for lice to be "shared" via head to head contact, among family members, overnight guests, playmates who spend a large amount of time together, daycare facilities, and common use of personal items, blankets, pillows, etc.
  • If/when spread at school, head-to-head contact typically comes in the form of hugs.
  • Hygiene and personal cleanliness has no bearing as to whether someone gets lice
  • Lice can only crawl; they can neither jump or fly from person to person
  • Lice can only live 1-2 days off the head; it is highly unlikely students would come to a classroom after a weekend in which lice are living and breeding
  • If you treat lice with over the counter solutions, it does not mean the treatment is over; continued vigilance is important until every nit (egg) is gone

What to do if you suspect your child has head lice?

  • PLEASE CONTACT RALEIGH PARK. Not only do we need to be aware for the greater good, but we have information regarding treatment and prevention
  • Talk to a healthcare provider or pharmacist to discuss the best treatment approach for your family

School Report Card

El reporte de desempeño de las escuelas y del distrito del año escolar 2017-18 están disponibles en: THIS LINK (En el menú de opciones de la selección del Distrito, escoja Beaverton). Me complace el tener la oportunidad de compartir esta información con usted sobre el progreso que estamos logrando para mejorar el aprovechamiento académico de cada estudiante en el Distrito. Nosotros estamos progresando.

El reporte de desempeño de las escuelas y distritos escolares de todo el estado empezaron hace quince años cuando la legislatura de Oregon en 1999 aprobó una ley que requiere que todas las escuelas públicas y del distrito reciban un reporte del Departamento de Educación de Oregon acerca de cómo les va en general. La Ley Cada Estudiante Triunfa (ESSA por sus siglas en inglés) y otorga a los estados mayor flexibilidad. ESSA anima a las escuelas y educadores a innovar y crear sistemas que atiendan a las necesidades locales. Como parte de este trabajo, el Departamento de Educación de Oregón rediseñó las boletas de calificaciones de la escuela y el distrito para involucrar e informar a las familias sobre el enfoque de la escuela al aprendizaje, las ofertas académicas y extracurriculares, y el desempeño de los estudiantes. Las boletas de calificaciones también sirven como una herramienta importante para la planificación de mejoras continuas por parte de los políticos locales y estatales, en conjunto con las comunidades a las que sirven.

TODOS NOSOTROS en Raleigh Park nos comprometemos a usar esta información para acoplarnos a los planes de mejoramiento y a los programas académicos de la escuela para satisfacer, de esta manera, las necesidades de cada estudiante. Si usted tiene alguna pregunta acerca de nuestro reporte de desempeño, por favor póngase en contacto conmigo. ¡Muchas Gracias!


In 1999, the Oregon Legislature enacted ORS 329.105 requiring that the Oregon Department of Education produce and issue annual report cards for all schools and districts. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) encourages schools and educators to innovate and create systems that address local needs. As a part of this work, the Oregon Department of Education redesigned the School and District report cards to engage and inform families about their school’s approach to learning, academic and extracurricular offerings, and student performance.

The redesigned School At-A-Glance Reports: The school and district report cards have been redesigned to reflect changes to Oregon's educational system so that parents and community members are provided with the most current, relevant, and important information about their school and districts. The new report cards allow schools and districts to better tell their unique stories in a more visual and user-friendly way, and to engage and inform families about their school’s approach to learning, academic and extracurricular offerings, and student performance. Reports cards also serve as an important tool for continuous improvement planning by local and state policymakers, in conjunction with the communities they serve.

School and District report cards for the 2017-18 school year are available using THIS LINK (select Raleigh Park and/or Beaverton in the school or district search bar). We welcome the opportunity to share this information with you on the progress we are making to improve academic achievement for each student.

So...what does the report card tell us? Last school year, Raleigh Park was:

  • 25% English Language Learners (17 home languages spoken)
  • 18% Students with disabilities
  • 44% Free/reduced price lunch (a measure of poverty)
  • 57% White
  • 28% Hispanic/Latino
  • 7% Multiracial
  • 3% Black/African American
  • 3% Asian
  • 2% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
  • <1% American Indian/Alaska Native
  • 88% Regular attenders (students who attended +90% of school days, down 4% from previous year)

Typically, student ACHIEVEMENT and student GROWTH/PROGRESS (from one year to the next) on the statewide assessment are primary data-points used by the state to measure school effectiveness. Overall, Raleigh Park students collectively achieved at a level above their peers in schools throughout the state in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math.


  • Raleigh Park students met/exceeded in ELA: 66% (+15% of Oregon average)
  • All students are roughly +1.5% from 1 year ago
  • Economically disadvantaged students are -1% from 1 year ago
  • English Language Learners are +4% from 1 year ago
  • Hispanic/Latino students are +3% from 1 year ago
  • Students with disabilities are -6% from 1 year ago


  • Raleigh Park students met/exceeded in MATH: 57% (+14% of Oregon average)
  • All students are -1% from 1 year ago
  • Economically disadvantaged students are equal to performance from 1 year ago
  • English Language Learners are -6% from 1 year ago
  • Hispanic/Latino students are +7% from 1 year ago
  • Students with disabilities are +5% from 3 years ago

Specific to ELA GROWTH/PROGRESS (based on a median growth percentile within a student group):

  • All students are +11% from 1 year ago (+18 from 2 years ago)
  • Economically disadvantaged students are +12% from 1 year ago
  • English Language Learners are +22% from 1 year ago
  • Hispanic/Latino students are +14% from 1 year ago
  • Students with disabilities are +6% from 1 year ago (+34 from 2 years ago)

Specific to MATH GROWTH/PROGRESS (based on a median growth percentile within a student group):

  • All students are from -1% from 1 year ago
  • Economically disadvantaged students are -12% from 1 year ago
  • English Language Learners are -13% from 1 year ago
  • Hispanic/Latino students are -8% from 1 year ago
  • Students with disabilities are +24% from 3 years ago

Understanding GROWTH/PROGRESS:

  • As calculated by the state, the ELA and MATH growth of each student is compared statewide to other students within each grade level and subgroup to which they belong. Each student is then given a normative (comparison) growth percentile based on their score from the previous year. In turn, this growth percentile is lined up with all other students at Raleigh Park (lowest to highest) and a median (half of students above, half below) growth percentile is chosen to represent the growth of the entire school. Finally, the school percentile is judged according to cut scores (levels 1-5) established by the state.

Some reflections:

  • One of the most effective gateways to student success, now and in the future, is ensuring students are at school, on time and ready to learn. We are taking a closer look at student attendance and will engage our families directly with communication/reminders about days missed.
  • Over the last 3 years, we have remained relatively consistent with our achievement for all students in ELA, while MATH continues to be an area of needed focus, at Raleigh Park and throughout the state.
  • We have work to do with our disaggregated subgroups to eliminate the predictability of academic achievement with one's background, primarily those who are economically disadvantaged, learning English as a second language (ELL) and are Hispanic/Latino.
  • Without minimizing the importance of achievement, I am more focused on student growth/progress across the board. Of specific note, we are making some outstanding growth across our subgroups in ELA. I believe this to be reflective of our targeted and strategic changes in practice. Conversely, our growth metrics in MATH are of concern. The consistent implementation of the new math adoption in all classrooms continues to be a school-wide focus that is time-intensive, but an endeavor I have faith will show increased growth in the coming years.
  • A series of standardized tests currently serve as the primary measurement of school effectiveness on the state report card; this is one data point. While the data point should not be ignored, it does prove to be a limited and incomplete gauge of what students know/can do. It is also no coincidence that school-wide success on standardized tests is often correlated to the school boundaries in which students reside.
  • This is humbling work that entails its share of humbling metrics of success. The perfectionist in me is never satisfied and always motivated to ensure we keep the well-being and success of our students at the forefront of all we do. Successes and challenges aside, Raleigh Park is a special place with many gifts that one can feel when walking in the door and into our classrooms.

If you have questions about our report card, please contact me. Thank you!

Seen & Heard: JAT 2019 EDITION

Wait...how much?!

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Thank you to everyone who ran, fundraised, donated, volunteered, and cheered on the Raleigh Park Tigers during this year’s Jog-a-Thon on October 10. The PTO is excited to share that TOGETHER, our school ran 4,753 laps, which is 594 miles — that would get us to Crater Lake and back. And TOGETHER, we raised over $71,000! These funds will enable the PTO to support many of the efforts that make Raleigh Park such a strong school and community.

Check out the beautiful professional photos from the Jog-a-Thon!

  • Gallery Password: gotigers
  • Download PIN: 2596

At the Jog-a-Thon Awards Assembly on Wednesday, we honored our students in a variety of ways, inclusive of those nominated for embodying our PYP learner profile, our best runners, and most successful fundraisers. Well done Raleigh Park!


Recognizing those students nominated for embodying the attitudes of a Raleigh Park Tiger!


Recognizing goal-setting, determination and some record-setting performances!


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RPTV 2019 10 25

District News, Information & Resources

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The District has been evaluating the best way to provide a common middle school experience for all of our students. With this in mind, the District will transition Springville and Raleigh Hills from a K-8 model to a K-5 model.

In making this decision, we took into account the history of our K-8 program, research on the K-8 model, staffing, facilities and budget. For example, at Springville, we are out of classroom space. But the most important factor is the ability to provide the best comprehensive education for our middle school students.

K-8 schools are currently staffed and supervised in the elementary school model, meaning the curricular programs are based on elementary core requirements, rather than middle school requirements. The District is working on a common comprehensive middle school experience, which would include more consistent course offerings for students in 2020-21. Comprehensive middle schools also offer more counseling services and support for transition to high school and post-secondary success. This level of support is something that we cannot provide in the K-8 model due to staffing and budget. In addition, the ability to schedule special education and English language learner services is more complex at K-8 schools with nine grade levels, as opposed to three grade levels at middle schools.

Timeline and Transition

This year, the options application window opens on October 14 and closes on December 6. During that period, we will be accepting applications for students to attend 6th, 7th, and 8th grades at Springville and Raleigh Hills for the 2020-21 school year.

In 2020-21, we will only be accepting applications for 7th and 8th grades to attend Springville and Raleigh Hills during the 2021-22 school year. This means there will be no 6th grades at Springville and Raleigh Hills in 2021-22.

In 2021-22, we will only be accepting applications for 8th grade to attend Springville and Raleigh Hills during the 2022-23 school year. This means there will be no 6th or 7th grades in 2022-23.

Springville and Raleigh Hills will complete the transition and open the 2023-24 school year as K-5 schools.

This will leave one K-8 school in the Beaverton School District, Aloha-Huber Park (AHP) K-8, which is currently a dual-language program and does not accept applications from students outside the AHP boundary. AHP will remain as a K-8 while the District evaluates options for ensuring those students will be able to continue their dual-language pathway into middle school.

We understand that you will have questions about this decision and transition. We want to make it clear that this decision is part of a larger, district-wide picture regarding comprehensive middle schools. We encourage you to reach out to your current K-8 principals. We have also established a webpage on the Springville and Raleigh Hills websites with an FAQ.


El Distrito ha estado evaluando la mejor manera de proporcionar una experiencia común para todos nuestros estudiantes de las escuelas secundarias. Con esto en mente, el Distrito hará la transición de Springville y Raleigh Hills de un modelo K-8 a un modelo K-5.

Al tomar esta decisión, tomamos en cuenta la historia de nuestro programa K-8, la investigación sobre el modelo K-8, la asignación del personal, las instalaciones, como también el presupuesto. Por ejemplo, en la escuela Springville, ya no tenemos espacio en nuestros salones. Pero el factor más importante es la habilidad de proporcionar la mejor educación integral para nuestros estudiantes de secundaria.

Las escuelas K-8 cuentan actualmente con personal y supervisión basado en el modelo de escuelas primarias, lo que significa que los programas curriculares de éstas se basan en los requisitos básicos de una escuela primaria, en lugar de los requisitos de una escuela secundaria. El Distrito está trabajando en proporcionar una experiencia común a nivel de escuela secundaria, que incluiría cursos más consistentes para los estudiantes en el año escolar 2020-21. Las escuelas secundarias integrales también ofrecen más servicios de asesoramiento y apoyo para la transición a la escuela preparatoria y al éxito de los estudios superiores de los estudiantes. Este nivel de apoyo es algo que no podemos proporcionar en el modelo K-8 debido a la asignación de personal y al presupuesto. Además, la habilidad de programar servicios de educación especial y de aprendizaje del idioma inglés es más compleja en las escuelas K-8 con nueve grados académicos, en comparación con tres grados en las escuelas secundarias.

Fechas importantes y periodos de transición

Este año, el periodo de solicitudes empieza el 14 de octubre y termina el 6 de diciembre. Durante este, aceptaremos solicitudes para estudiantes que asistan al 6º, 7º y 8º grado en las escuelas Springville y Raleigh Hills para el año escolar 2020-21.

En 2020-21, solo aceptaremos solicitudes para los grados 7º y 8º para asistir a Springville y a Raleigh Hills durante el año escolar 2021-22. Esto significa que no habrá 6º grado en Springville y en Raleigh Hills en el 2021-22.

En el 2021-22, solo aceptaremos solicitudes para el 8º grado para asistir a Springville y a Raleigh Hills durante el año escolar 2022-23. Esto significa que no habrá 6º o 7º grado en el 2022-23.

Las escuelas Springville y Raleigh Hills completarán la transición y abrirán el año escolar 2023-24 como escuelas K-5.

Después de este proceso la única escuela en el Distrito Escolar de Beaverton con grados K-8 será Aloha-Huber Park la cual actualmente es una escuela con un programa de lenguaje dual y no acepta solicitudes de estudiantes fuera de su límite de asistencia. Esta escuela permanecerá como K-8 mientras que el Distrito evalúa las opciones para garantizar que esos estudiantes puedan continuar su enseñanza de lenguaje dual en la escuela secundaria.

Entendemos que usted tendrá preguntas sobre esta decisión y transición. Queremos dejar en claro que esta decisión es parte de una imagen más amplia en todo el distrito con respecto a las escuelas secundarias integrales. Lo animamos a que se comunique con los directores actuales de sus escuelas K-8. También hemos establecido una página en los sitios web de Springville y Raleigh Hills donde adjuntamos esta carta como también una sección de preguntas frecuentes.

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Options School Application Process for 2020-2021

The Beaverton School District is nationally recognized for high student achievement and innovative programs. Beaverton students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to investigate learning options that best fit their academic needs. Students can choose their neighborhood school, or apply for one of a number of Learning Option Programs. Transportation is provided.

Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be available starting Monday, October 14, 2019. Please do some early investigation of the Learning Options Programs online and plan to attend one or more of the open houses that are available. Students may only select one option on their application.

All applicants must reside within the Beaverton School District boundaries. Beginning October 14, current Beaverton School District students are able to apply online using their BSD student ID. Resident students not currently attending a Beaverton school will need to complete a paper application available online, or at any school office beginning October 14, 2019. Applicants who do not have Internet access may also complete a paper application available at any school office. Please give careful consideration to your choice of school. Once an application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed.

Applications must be received no later than Friday, December 6, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. (PST).


Information Line: 503.356.4440 • FAX: 503.356.4415

Mon., October 14, 2019 ------- Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available.

Fri., December 6, 2019 ------- Applications due no later than 4:00 p.m. PST.

Wed., December 11, 2019 ------- Electronic Lottery conducted for the 2020-21 School Year.

  • Acceptance or wait pool notifications will be sent via email.

  • Students who are not selected via the lottery will be emailed a Second Consideration application for the school for which they applied where applicable.

Thurs., January 9, 2020 ------- Second Consideration applications due to schools.

Wed., January 29, 2020 ------- Deadline to accept/decline enrollment – by 4:00 p.m. PST

Proceso de Solicitud de Opciones Escolares para 2020-2021

El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton es reconocido a nivel nacional por su alto rendimiento estudiantil y sus programas innovadores. Los estudiantes de Beaverton en los grados 6-12 tienen la oportunidad de investigar las opciones de aprendizaje que mejor se adapten a sus necesidades académicas. Los estudiantes pueden elegir la escuela que les corresponde por su domicilio o solicitar uno de varios Programas de Opciones de Aprendizaje. Se proporciona transporte.

Las solicitudes para el año escolar 2020-2021 estarán disponibles a partir del lunes, 14 de octubre de 2019. Infórmese con anticipación, en línea, de los Programas de Opciones de Aprendizaje y planee asistir a una o más Open Houses que estarán disponibles. Los estudiantes solo pueden elegir una opción en su solicitud.

Todos los solicitantes deben residir dentro de los límites del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton. A partir del 14 de octubre, los estudiantes del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton pueden enviar su solicitud en línea usando su identificación de estudiante del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton (BSD). Los estudiantes residentes de Beaverton que actualmente no van a una escuela en Beaverton deberán llenar una solicitud en papel, disponible en línea o en cualquier oficina escolar a partir del 14 de octubre de 2019. Los solicitantes que no tengan acceso al internet también pueden llenar una solicitud en papel disponible en la oficina de las escuelas. Por favor considere cuidadosamente su elección de escuela. Una vez que se haya enviado su solicitud, no se permitirán cambios.

Las solicitudes deben recibirse a más tardar el viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2019 antes de las

4:00 p.m. Hora del Pacífico (PST, Pacific Standard Time)


Línea de información: 503.356.4440 • FAX: 503.356.4415

Lunes, 14 de octubre de 2019 ------- Las solicitudes para el año escolar 2019-2020 estarán disponibles.

Viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2019 ------- Las solicitudes deben entregarse antes de las 4:00 p.m. PST

Miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2019 ------- Lotería electrónica realizada para el año escolar 2020-2021.

  • Las notificaciones de aceptación o en lista de espera se enviarán por correo electrónico.
  • Los estudiantes que no sean seleccionados por medio de la lotería recibirán, por correo electrónico, una solicitud de segunda consideración para la escuela a la cual solicitaron, cuando corresponda.

Jueves, 9 de enero de 2020 ------- Las solicitudes de segunda consideración deben entregarse a las escuelas.

Miércoles, 29 de enero de 2020 ------- Fecha límite para aceptar o no aceptar la inscripción - antes de las 4:00 p.m. PST

Just Because...



  • 30 - Passport Club, 7:30a


  • 1 - NO SCHOOL - Grading Day
  • 5 - PTO Meeting, 7:00 -8:00p
  • 6 - Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:00 - 8:00p
  • 7 - NO SCHOOL - Parent/Teacher Conferences, 8:00a - 8:00p
  • 8 - NO SCHOOL - School closed
  • 11 - NO SCHOOL - Veterans Day Holiday
  • 13 - Community Gathering Assembly, 8:10a
  • 14 - 2nd Grade Family Movement Night, 6:30p
  • 15 - Picture Re-take Day
  • 20 - Passport Club, 7:30a
  • 21 - 3rd Grade Music Program, 6:30p
  • 22 - RPTV
  • 27 - 29 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break


  • 2 - NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day
  • 11 - Community Gathering Assembly, 8:10a
  • 12 - Holiday Day Choir "Festival of Lights", 6:30 - 7:15p
  • 17 - Hearing Screening, 8:15a
  • 18 - Passport Club, 7:30a
  • 20 - RPTV
  • 23 - Jan. 3rd - NO SCHOOL, Winter Break


  • 6 - Welcome Back
  • 14 - PTO Meeting, 7:00p
  • 15 - Community Gathering Assembly, 8:10a
  • 20 - NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 27 - NO SCHOOL - Grading Day
  • 29 - Passport Club, 7:30a
  • 31 - RPTV
  • 31 - Sock Hop, 6:30p