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Magna Carta & English Bill of Rights

English Bill of Rights

Created : December 16, 1689

Authors : Parliment of England

Purpose : The Bill of Rights was written to assett the rights of Parliment and the individual and ensure a Protestant political Supremy.

Why is the English Bill of Rights important? Because it protects and enumerates Americans most cherished rights.

Magna Carta

Created : in 1215

Authors : John, King of England, his barons and Stephen Langton

Purpose : The Magna Carta was made to protect citizens rights. Such as Protection church Rights, protection for barons for illegal imprisonments, access to swift justice and limitations on feudal payments crown.

Why is the Magna Carta important today? It established that everyone is subject to the law even the king and guarantees the rights to individuals , the rights to justice and the right to fair trial.

By : Kandace Degrate