chris milano

final project

according to the Jung and Myers Briggs test I am a ESTP

E-extraverion (tend to focus on the outer world of people and things)

S-sensing (focus on the present and information gained through senses)

T-thinking (base decisions on logic and objective analysis of cause and effect)

P-perception(flexible and spontaneous approach to life)

People Who Share My Personality:

  1. John F Kennedy
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Malcolm X

Holland Code:

i am a ERS

E-enterprising (like working with other people)

R-realistic (athletic or mechanical ability)

S-social (like to uplift and inform people)

Careers that relate to my Holland Code:

  • building manager
  • flight instructor
  • project manager

colleges that offer majors in athletic training

  • cortland
  • plymouth
  • marist

athletic training

  • 28,900 jobs in occupation
  • fast growth
  • median pay 42,690
personal skills needed:

  • active listening
  • critical thinking
  • monitoring speaking
  • active learning

my ultimate career goal

I would like to go to college and become an athletic trainer. I would like to get a good paying job and not have to worry about money. The best job i feel would be becoming an athletic trainer for baseball for a good college. i would like to have freedom with my job and be able to take days off whenever i need to. Also being able to get paid to watch sporting events would be a dream job.