Wednesday Update (on Monday!)

Special Testing Edition

As you know, TerraNova assessments begin this week. Below you will find a list of dates and times for your students here at St. Rita School. Although these tests are important, there are ways to help your student minimize stress and maximize performance throughout the testing process.

Test Taking Tips for Parents

  1. Talk about the tests at home. Encourage your child to do his or her best, but not to stress about them.

  2. Have your child get a good night’s rest. Rest is important in having people feel their best.

  3. Give words of encouragement. Remind your child that he or she has been preparing for this all year. They are ready!

  4. Eat a good breakfast. Students who are full can focus easier and longer than students who feel hungry.

  5. Get to school on time. Students who feel rushed to get to school, start their day with anxiety, and anxiety leads to frustration and poorer test performance.

2015 TerraNova Testing Schedule

3rd Grade:

Tuesday, March 10: 9:00-11:30

Wednesday, March 11: 8:45-11:05

Thursday, March 12: 8:00-10:25

Tuesday, March 17: 9:00-11:25

5th Grade:

Tuesday, March 10: 8:00-10:30

Wednesday, March 11: 8:40-12:45

Thursday, March 12: 8:00-11:00

7th Grade:

Tuesday, March 10: 8:00-11:20

Wednesday, March 11:8:00-10:20

Thursday, March 12: 8:00-11:20

Tuesday, March 17: 8:00-11:20

Things to Remember:

  • Make sure your child attends school on the dates of the tests.
  • If your child is ill, please call the office to inform the school of your child’s absence.
  • Please check doctor visits and other appointments and make any changes necessary to ensure your child is in school during testing.