alan turning

the father of modern technology

a short introduction....

Alan turning 1912-1954. He developed the first computer, saved many lives and saved the world from the Nazis.

early years

When he was young, and was in school his teachers considered him a genius. he could solve maths equations very quickly in his head.

5 facts

  • Saturday 23 June marks the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing.
  • His second name is Mathison
  • His father Julius had entered the Indian Civil Service
  • Alan Turing was born in a nursing home
  • Science for him was an extra-curricular passion

Alan Turing: Great Minds

the invention

his invention was a machine that could figure out the Nazis secret codes. thank him Nazis lost war and many lives were saved. who knows, if it wasn't for him maybe you would be speaking German now!

alan turnings invention

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