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Issue 4 | January 27, 2022

Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, co-editor

Jennifer Flory, co-editor, layout and design coordinator

Note from the editors…

We offer a hearty hello to our alumni, Friends of Music, fellow faculty, students, parents, and community partners…and we know there are a lot of you out there who are reading our newsletter! According to our analytics, the third issue of Keynotes received just short of 1500 readers! While this fourth issue comes to you at the beginning of our fifth semester dealing with the challenges of the COVID pandemic, we are filled with nothing but gratitude for the support that you have offered us over the past semester. The times may be strange, but we have continued to thrive and this would not have been possible without YOU! This semester we are pleased to offer another robust schedule of exciting performances and workshops, many of which you can attend in person or via livestream. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dana Gorzelany-Mostak & Jennifer Flory

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Message from the Chair

With the close of the Fall 2021 semester, the Department of Music has continued to persevere in our new reality with the continuation of the pandemic and its variants. We are maintaining our safety protocols from the fall semester for classes, recitals, rehearsals, and performances, and continue to take advantage of the technology generously provided by the Office of the Provost and the College of Arts & Sciences. We have returned to in-person events and have installed permanent live-streaming access to our large venues on and off campus to maintain and enhance our connection with our students, alumni, and audiences. We will continue to incorporate new technologies as we anticipate changes in protocols with USG/GC policies and recommended ongoing studies and reports from professional music organizations and performing groups.

We welcomed several new faculty members to the department this past fall: Dr. Bryan Hall (Assistant Professor of Music-Orchestra Director and String Coordinator), Dr. Chantae Pittman (Music Education), Terri Crutchfield (Voice), Ngan Nei Chan-Class (Piano), and Ryan Black (Lower Brass). Our music faculty continue to pursue their research and various creative projects, and many have received invitations to perform and present nationally over the coming year. Dr. Owen Lovell (Piano) presented performances in Puerto Rico as a part of an exchange concert with Dr. Francisco Cabán in October 2021. Dr. Youngmi Kim (Voice), Dr. Jennifer Piazza-Pick (Voice), and Dr. Andrew Allen (Saxophone) presented solo faculty recitals this fall. In October, Dr. Laurie Peebles presented two sessions at the National American Music Therapy Conference: “Add-on Course K. Jammin’ In the Garage: The Clinical Use of GarageBand in Music Therapy” and “Personality-Centered Supervision for Music Therapy Students.”

The Department of Music hosted several presentations and masterclasses led by both our own faculty and guest artists. Dr. Dana Gorzelany hosted a Lecture Concert entitled “Functions of Music in Times of Plague” with Dr. Remi Chiu, Lecturer (Associate Professor of Music at Loyola University, Maryland). Dr. Bryan Hall and Dr. Owen Lovell co-hosted a violin masterclass with Francisco Cabán (Professor of Violin and Chamber Music, Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music.). Dr. Owen Lovell hosted a piano studio masterclass with Fabio Menchetti (Assistant Professor of Piano at Washington State University). Dr. Hall also hosted a masterclass with guest violin and fiddle soloist Dr. Christopher Luther (Co-founder and Co-director of Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp). These activities have provided our students with experiences beyond the traditional performance stage.

Our 2021–22 concert series continues with over forty performances (in-person and/or via livestream). Our season brochure is below with a full line-up of upcoming concerts. The major highlight of the Fall 2021 semester was our ensembles returning to the stage with live audiences, especially with the Annual Holiday Concert. We look forward to the major ensembles coming together again this Spring for the second installment in The Terry Endowed Concert Series, which will highlight music inspired by Shakespeare’s literary works.. Look for information about upcoming concerts and events on our website.

We have continued to pursue community outreach opportunities even during these times. The Center for Music Education, under the direction of Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis, expanded its offerings with a student composition competition and the Fall 2021 Bobcat Keys Project (Dr. Owen Lovell, director) with Wilkinson County Schools and BASF sponsorship. Dr. Bryan Hall has been working on a new collaboration with Baldwin County Schools to create a Suzuki String Program that will provide additional opportunities for our students. The department hosted the Third Annual (Virtual) Wind and Percussion Workshop in November.

We continue to make progress on several department initiatives. With the recent Porter Hall HVAC renovation and ongoing challenges with climate-controlled storage for our collection of instruments, the administration provided funding for a replacement Steinway D piano in Max Noah Recital Hall. We have secured additional space in the lower level of the Health Sciences building for music use only and our Music Therapy piano lab is receiving some technology upgrades for future expansion. Our NASM site visit from Oct. 3-5 was a great success, and we received a lot of positive feedback about our program and its direction. We will have more to report as we complete the re-accreditation process next spring and into the summer. We also hope to start the AMTA approval process this coming semester. We are currently searching for a new Lecturer in Music Therapy/Clinical Coordinator for Fall 2022. And last, we are having great success with our monthly Zoom meetings for prospective students in coordination with the Office of Admissions.

Hopefully this newsletter provides a brief snapshot of the achievements of our students and faculty during our new normal. We are always looking for ways to continue engaging with the community. We look forward to connecting with all of our students, alumni, and Friends of Music in the near future. Please stay in touch and stay safe.

Don N. Parker

Chair, Department of Music

Professor of Music/Percussion

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Center for Music Education Events

For educators...

At Georgia College, we encourage our students to become lifelong learners. It is in this spirit that we offer a series of workshops for music educators. We encourage you to join us for our Spring 2022 workshops, which will be virtual.

April 9, 2022, 12pm-3pm: Improving Choral Timbre through Vocal Pedagogy with

Dr. Jennifer Piazza-Pick

April 16, 2022, 12pm-3pm: Instrument Repair with Jim Smelzer (Big Note Music)

Our existing initiatives, such as Violin Club, Bobcat Keys, and professional development workshops are ongoing. You may register for PD workshops here. For more information, please contact Tina Holmes-Davis at

For students...

Calling all music educators and studio teachers! Are your students looking for an opportunity to hone their skills or prepare for auditions? Please let them know about our workshops for students, all to be held on the GC campus.

February 12, 2022, 9am-4pm: GC Percussion Day with Guest Clinician Dr. Joe W. Moore III (in person & virtual)

Music Therapy Events

April 18, 2022, 6:00 pm: Creative Expressions Performance

April 19, 2022, 7:30pm: Songs in Therapy Concert, Max Noah Recital Hall

April 22, 2022, 2:00pm-5:00pm: End of Semester Seminar, Peabody Auditorium

For more information, please contact Katie Whipple at
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Collaboration of the Bands

The Baldwin County School District is no stranger to working with Georgia College when it comes to arts education. With recent partnerships in both dance and string instrument instruction underway, another program is coming to fruition thanks to the collaboration of Dr. Cliff Towner, GC Director of Band Activities, Mr. James McMillan, Director of Bands at Baldwin High School and Mr. Jay Wucher, Baldwin County Schools Fine Arts Coordinator.

Starting this semester, Georgia College band students are lending their talents as part of a new internship program through which college musicians provide private music lessons for students in the Baldwin County Schools band program. The intent of the program is to provide mutually beneficial lessons where college musicians can apply their knowledge to real-life teaching techniques, and public school students can access private instruction on their chosen instrument.

“Any music educator that has taken or given private lessons understands it is a key ingredient to the overall success of a great musician,” said McMillan, a 2002 graduate of BHS and 2007 graduate of GC. “With the vast majority of our students not being able to afford private lessons, this will help those students close the gap on any holes in their performance abilities. This will be a great asset for both programs and it truly benefits both BHS and GCSU.”

The educators who worked together to make the collaboration a reality hope to watch the program continue to grow in the future.


This semester was busy with five face-to-face concerts. After a hiatus last year, Max Noah Singers (MNS) performed at the annual September Constitution Week concert, Tunes from the Trail. All three choral ensembles combined to present “Darkness into Light,” a concert of music about humanity’s triumph over adversity, in October. Our annual departmental holiday concert was back in person and all three choirs joined the rest of the department to present seasonal favorites at Russell Auditorium, And, as has been our tradition most years, Women’s Ensemble (WE) and MNS returned to the Old Governor’s Mansion to present concerts at the end of the semester. WE sang carols and a Mendelssohn oratorio chorus for two different sets of candlelight tour visitors. MNS’ “Songs of the Season,” a short concert of traditional carols and pop holiday favorites, was well-attended and well-received. Once again, this semester we have been very fortunate to hold all of our rehearsals and one of our concerts in the beautiful and acoustically rewarding sanctuary of First Baptist Church in Milledgeville. We are ever so grateful for the hospitality and assistance of the church, especially Madelyn Wright.

Women's Ensemble at Georgia's Old Governor's Mansion


Return of the GC Jazz Combo on Campus and in the Community

The GC Jazz Combo performed at multiple venues during the Fall 2021 semester with our return to in-person concerts. This semester’s group consists of six members with Mary Mead (Alto Sax), Levi Rafal (Trumpet), Harley Maxwell (Baritone /Tenor Sax), Elizabeth Galloway (Bass), Ellie Deener (Piano), and Jacob Hammock (Drums). The group performed outside at the Depot on campus, Amici’s restaurant, and Allen’s Market in collaboration with Allied Arts as a part of the monthly Jazz Jams. They also performed for GC Family Day and the Southeast Model African Union conference (SEMAU) in November. Last, they finished out the semester with performances at the Chamber Ensemble concert and the Holiday Concert.

Jazz on Jekyll

After a Covid-induced hiatus last year, Dr. Cliff Towner, Director of Band Activities, returned to Jekyll Island recently for his third time teaching the Road Scholar Jazz on Jekyll program held the week before New Year’s. Once again, Dr. Towner enjoyed teaching a group of lifelong learners from all over the country about the history of the American art form known as jazz. The week included lectures, group activities, and live jazz provided by a jazz quartet comprised of GC music students and alums.

Jacob Hammock recently participated in the quartet for his second time, having also provided his skills on the drum set in 2019. Hammock, a Milledgeville native, and junior music major, says he enjoys the opportunity to perform with fellow musicians in an off-campus setting.

“These trips provide an outlet for me to perform in front of different groups of people which always gets me excited and playing with a group provides a huge amount of musical growth through adaptation and teamwork within the ensemble,” says Hammock.

Dr. Towner looks forward to teaching the Jazz on Jekyll program each year, especially since it provides him with an opportunity to teach and engage adult learners.

“I like the fact that these people have the courage and the vulnerability to come and learn something new, and I enjoy being part of that process,” says Towner.

Music History

The students in Music History II will be embarking on a new class project this semester: the analysis of 19th- and 20th-century American songbooks. This assignment is a semester-long, multi-part research project. Each student was assigned a songbook on the second day of class. Over the course of the semester, students will research their songbook, discuss its context, analyze its contents, write a paper, and, during the last two weeks of class, give a presentation to the class on their findings. Each student is assigned to a research collective which includes other students with a songbook that is similar to theirs. Genres of song books include Prohibition songsters, Girl Scout and Boy Scout song books, and government-issued songbooks distributed to U.S. soldiers during times of war. By serving as interpreters of their songbooks the students will acquire the narrative skills needed to bring these pieces of music ephemera, and music history, to life. Moreover, this project allows students to move beyond a composers and works model of understanding music history, and instead learn about it through the material objects that scouts, soldiers, and citizens used in their music making.

Music Therapy

This past fall music therapy students continued to demonstrate their adaptability as they immersed themselves in clinical work throughout the central Georgia community. Fourteen students from the Practicum with Children course led weekly music therapy sessions at a variety of locations serving infants, children, and adolescents, including the Beverly Knight Olson Children’s Hospital in Macon, Georgia Academy for the Blind, the Boys & Girls Club of Baldwin & Jones Counties, Little Caterpillars Development Center, St. Stephen’s Day School, and GNETS of Oconee. These students completed formal music therapy assessments, developed group and individualized treatment plans, collected data, and evaluated the effectiveness of music therapy interventions over the course of several months. Further, these students presented their clinical work at the End of Semester Seminar, held on November 12, 2022. Senior music therapy students also presented a special in-service, Interdisciplinary Teams, highlighting the many ways music therapists co-treat with other health professionals.

Our student organizations have also been busy. The Music Therapy Society (MTS) focused on recreating the connection and community that was lost during the height of Covid. Some of the events included jam sessions, a Bob Ross painting night, a Halloween Social, and a Friendsgiving dinner. All of these events were intended to allow students from different years to meet and connect outside of class and provide community and relaxation. This semester, MTS intends to focus on community outreach and musical skill-building. Events that they are currently discussing include continuing jam sessions, visits to various clinical sites, and a cover songs concert to encourage members to develop their musical skills in a fun and social environment. The Community Drumming Group continued to offer community outreach and provided two drumming sessions each week. They also held sessions for the College of Health Sciences “Self-Care Day” on October 7th.

The music therapy graduate program began the semester with the fall graduate seminar weekend. Guest presenters included John Moon, Ashley Newkirk, and Taj Bivens who presented on the therapeutic benefits of the Betar Table in music therapy practice. Students were given the opportunity to experience the Betar table through private sessions that evening. In addition, Carlos Rodriguez shared his clinical experience of music therapy in end-of-life care.

Music Therapy Internships

Gracie Anderson, Fulton County School System, Atlanta, GA, started September 2021

Allie Balducci, Children’s Hospital New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, started January 2022

Starr Batchelor, Carlyle Place-Navicent Health, Macon, GA, completed July 2021

Katie Brashear, UAB Medicine, Birmingham, AL, completed December 2021

Julia Hufford, UAB Medicine, Birmingham, AL, started January 2022

Carrie Hunter, Joyful Music Therapy, Orlando, FL, starting February 2022

Halle Josey, VITAS Healthcare, Tampa, FL, completed January 2022

Christopher Karow, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, Kennesaw, GA, completed January 2022

Kiele Kaupe, Metro Music Therapy, Norcross, GA, completed January 2022

Renata Kuswanto, UAB Medicine, Birmingham, AL, started January 2022

Hanlee McCart, Therabeat, Woodstock, GA, completed December 2021

Ashley Newkirk, Carlyle Place-Navicent Health, Macon, GA, completed October 2021

Amber Patterson, Heart & Harmony Music Therapy, Fort Worth, TX, completed November 2021

Matt Seymour, Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, Augusta, GA completed December 2021

Reed Tanner, Therabeat, Woodstock, GA, started January 2022

Riley Williams, Florida State Hospital, Chattahoochee, FL, started August 2021

Music therapy....


On November 15, 2021, the Georgia College percussion ensemble presented their fall concert entitled, “The Tradition,” directed by Dr. Don Parker. The concert featured works with traditional drumming with African influences, transcriptions of Baroque, Early Classical, and Mexican Guatemalan music. Works such as ​​“Las Tripas” by Steve Chavez, “African Sketches-Suite” by J. Kent Williams, and an arrangement by Dr. Don Parker inspired by J. S. Bach’s “Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Highest Good” were just a few of the pieces performed. The concert offered the ensemble and the audience an opportunity to explore a wide range of styles while educating all about the early development of percussion ensemble literature. This concert was offered in person and via live-stream and featured GC percussion majors, non-majors, and community members.


Fall semesters are an active time of year for the piano studio, and Fall ’22 definitely kept true to form. Over the summer, Dr. Lovell, Dr. Jang, and Dr. Ryabinin traveled to the New York City Steinway Factory to select a new Steinway D concert grand for Max Noah Recital Hall. We were treated to a tour of the factory floor, as well as the company “Vault” where historically significant and rare art case pianos are kept. And in the selection room, we spent the day choosing between seven new concert grands. Here is a “YouTube Shorts” clip from that summer day:

A week after the new Steinway was delivered, the first piano studio class met, and of the students ready to play that day, Provost Costas Spirou drew a name out of a hat, and BMT sophomore, Helen Whitacre, was selected as the first person to perform on the new piano. The first full recital on the instrument happened on September 14th, where Dr. Lovell appeared alongside guest violinist, Dr. Francisco Cabán.

Piano students in the elective Piano Literature course (this year’s topic: the history of the piano concerto) joined some of our chamber orchestra and other music students to attend the first live Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert at the Woodruff Arts Center in eighteen months. Among the all-Beethoven program, our students were treated to a performance of the “Emperor” Concerto, as well as the iconic Fifth Symphony. We were able to arrange a private meeting with piano soloist, Garrick Ohlsson, who was generous with his time in answering questions and taking pictures with our group.

Our annual tradition, the week six piano studio recital took place in the Magnolia Ballroom on the 1889 “Burrell” Steinway A, and every member of the studio participated in our themed concert, “Jazz Inspired.” Repertoire ranged from classical works with a slight jazz influence, to transcribing jazz recordings by ear, when no sheet music was available. Continuing to build on this tradition with our current students, we also invited piano studio alumni back to the stage (Walter Cornwell, Anthony Pacchioli, Ethan Grimes), and some of the piano faculty performed (Dr. Hue Jang, Dr. Owen Lovell); we even had a couple of prospective students bravely join us in the concert (Boaz Anderson, Lynsey Blevins)! The concert was presented both live and via live-stream with lots of great camera angles and audio work from GC’s Keith Bergeron and his crew.

As the semester concludes, the studio wishes to thank guest artist, Dr. Fabio Menchetti (Assistant Professor, Washington State University), for an inspiring concert and masterclass. And we bid a fond farewell to piano students who were either graduating, or finished needed semesters in the piano studio: Renata Kuswanto, Aliyah Walker, Emily Kirkland, and Sidney Johnson. Emily and Sidney bowed out in style, co-presenting a lengthy and very diverse, elective senior recital of solo and chamber music. We look forward to seeing them all again at the next studio recital.


On October 26, 2021, the GC Orchestra presented a robust program titled “A Few American Scenes,” featuring music by Mark O’Connor, Soon Hee Newbold, Anton Arensky, Peter Warlock, Antonio Vivaldi, and William Grant Still. The orchestra was joined by Colorado-based violin/fiddle soloist extraordinaire Dr. Christopher Luther. The GC Orchestra was also invited and featured in the Macon-Bibb GMEA All District-Honors Orchestra Concert, where GC students shared their talents with up and coming string orchestra players at the middle and high school levels. This semester, the GC Orchestra will present a mostly Baroque orchestra program alongside the Wind Symphony on March 31st at 7:30pm in Russell Auditorium, and will be featured in the Terry Endowed Concert on April 8 at 7:30pm. The String area is also very proud to have launched a violin teaching string project program in Milledgeville last November, where GC students are teaching young students at Baldwin County Early Childhood Learning Center. The district is also generously paying the GC students for their efforts, and donating money toward the GC students’ Suzuki Talent Education Certification, as well as buying several violins for the children of Milledgeville.

New GC String Area Coordinator/Orchestra Director Dr. Bryan Hall was featured as the guest violin soloist with the Balcones Orchestra in Austin, TX, and guest violin artist in recital at University of North Carolina School of the Arts with Dr. Allison Gagnon. (piano) He played several concerts in the violin section of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, and was guest conductor and clinician at the Macon-Bibb GMEA All District Honors Orchestra Concert in October, Woodstock Georgia GMEA All District Honors Orchestra Concert in November, and Fairbanks Alaska Youth Symphony Summer series concert with soloist Yesong Sophie Lee in July. He recently played a chamber concert with colleagues Dr. David Johnson and Dr. Hue Jang and guest artist Steven Taylor as a part of the GC faculty chamber series.


A new voice instructor joined the voice faculty this fall. Adjunct Instructor DeLaine Crutchfield holds a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Tennessee and a Bachelor of Music from Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio.

The voice area was pleased to have in-person voice lessons again this Fall. We were fortunate to use large spaces for voice lessons so we could keep social distance. The Voice Honors Recital resumed on September 17th, and ten students performed beautifully. Weekly studio class was held in-person and virtually—performing students sang in person while the rest of the students participated virtually on Zoom. We also had two virtual events, including a vocal health clinic with Joseph Kim on August 24th and a musical theater masterclass with Brian DeMaris on September 28th. Congratulations to students Torri Harris, Sophia Clark, Amanda Critzer, and Tori Palazzo who sang for the masterclass! And special thank you to our staff pianists, Dr. Lev Ryabinin and Dr. Hue Jang, who played for our students. All performances, such as recital class, student recitals, and voice juries, were back to in-person.

Faculty recitals were also held in-person and live-streamed by Dr. Youngmi Kim in Magnolia Ballroom on August 30th and Dr. Jennifer Piazza-Pick with guest Dr. R. Timothy McReynolds in Max Noah Recital Hall on November 1st. Erin Lamb gave a beautiful senior recital. Moreover, the Opera Scenes performance, Trials of Fate, was held in-person and via livestream on November 17th. We hope to have more live performances in the spring. The spring Voice Honors Recital will be held on February 18th, and we have a guest artist recital by Dr. Tana Field on March 21st.

Woodwinds and Brass

Our 3rd Annual Georgia College Winds & Percussion Workshop on November 13th was a great success! GC woodwind, brass, and percussion faculty coached students from across the state on their All-State audition materials. Stay tuned for the 4th Annual Workshop, along with the 4th Annual Georgia College Jazz Workshop, coming up in the Fall!

Last semester, we also welcomed a new instructor of low brass. As a multi-low brass instrumentalist, Ryan Black appears in many scenes, from the classical world to salsa, often on tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, or tuba. Ryan has performed with the San Francisco Opera and Ballet orchestras as well as Orquesta Sinfonica UANL in Monterrey, Mexico on bass and tenor trombone. He has performed in horn sections for Natalie Cole, Sheila E., the O’Jays, and Wayne Newton, while also performing in the orchestras backing Frank Sinatra Jr. and Idina Menzel. Ryan can be heard on a variety of recordings on each low brass instrument, from jazz to video game music. He can also be heard on the Grammy-winning album of Pacific Mambo Orchestra’s self-titled CD.

Current Student Research and Creative Activity

  • Karow, Christopher, Co-Facilitator. “Closing Drum Circle and Drum Circle Sessions.” Percussive Arts Society International Convention, Indianapolis, IN, November 11-13, 2021.
  • Harris, Torrianna. Assistant Director. University Chorus, Georgia College, Fall 2021.
  • Johnson, Sidney, and Emily Kirkland. Senior Piano Recital, “Mirrors to the Soul,” Max Noah Recital Hall, Georgia College, November 11, 2021.
  • Lamb, Erin. Senior Voice Recital, “This is My Story; This is My Song,” Max Noah Recital Hall, Georgia College, November 6, 2021.
  • Monahan, Kelley, and Madison Golden. Assistant Directors. Women’s Ensemble, Georgia College, Fall 2021.
  • Ostrat, Megan. Assistant Director. Max Noah Singers, Georgia College, Fall 2021.

Current Student Awards and Other Accolades

  • Kiele Kaupe (’22) accepted a music therapy position at Metro Music Therapy in Norcross, GA.
  • Michael Kobito, Master of Music Education student, was awarded Teacher of the Year for 2021-2022 at Woodland High School in Cartersville.
  • Ashley Newkirk (’21) accepted a position as Memory Care Activities Assistant at Carlyle Place, Macon, GA.

Current Faculty Research and Creative Activity

Allen, Andrew. “The Red Saxophone: Hanns Eisler and ‘Applied Music’ in Weimar Berlin.” The Saxophone Symposium 44, (2021): 16-32.
_____. “The Masters Speak: Comparing Basic Pedagogical Teachings of Three Saxophone Pioneers.” NACWPI Journal 69, no. 1 (Fall 2021): 4-11.
_____. “Alternative Practice Strategies.” The Instrumentalist (October/November 2021): 18-19.
_____. “Stepping Towards the Stratosphere: Beginning Approaches to the Saxophone’s Altissimo Register.” The Instrumentalist (June/July 2021).
_____. Review of All Figured Out by Derek Brown. The Saxophone Symposium 44 (2021): 93-94.
_____. Review of Oracle by Randall Hall. The Saxophone Symposium. 44 (2021): 92-93.
_____. Review of Rediscovering Bauzin by Sean Murphy. The Saxophone Symposium 44 (2021): 94-96.
_____. Review of Wax and Wire. 2019. Lattitude 49. The College Music Symposium 61, no. 1 (2021).

Gorzelany-Mostak, Dana, Jennifer Flory and Jennifer Piazza-Pick (singers). Music in Time of Plague, Lecture recital with Remi Chiu (Associate Professor of Music, Loyola University-Maryland), lecturer.
Gorzelany-Mostak, Dana. Trax on the Trail: A Campaign Music Website,
_____. “Kamala Harris Rap Genius? To be presented at the Society for American Music Conference, June 20, 2021 (Virtual).
_____. Black and White on the Campaign Trail. Presented at Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, September 23, 2021 (Virtual).
_____, producer. Tunes from the Trail: A program featuring music from U.S. Presidential Campaigns, 1840-1964: A Constitution Week Concert, presented by Trax on the Trail, featuring Sophia Clark, soprano, Erin Lamb, soprano, Tyler Harris, tenor, Dr. Craig Callender, guitar, Dr. Lev Ryabinin, piano, Max Noah Singers, dir. Dr. Jennifer Flory, Dr. Dana Gorzelany-Mostak, Lecturer.

Kim, Youngmi, soprano. “An die Musik,” with Dr. Lev Ryabinin, piano. Max Noah Recital Hall, Georgia College, August 30, 2021.

Lovell, Owen, piano. “A Dialogue Between Continents,” with Francisco Caban, violin. Recital performances at Georgia College, September 14, 2021; Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC, September 15, 2021; Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, October 28, 2021; Canon Club/Steinway Society of Puerto Rico, October 30, 2021.
Lovell, Owen. “Improving Audio Quality for DIY Recording: What’s it Cost?” Georgia Music Teachers Association State Conference, Piedmont College, Demorest, GA, November 4, 2021.
Lovell, Owen. “Kawai ES920 - Flagship Slab on a Diet.” Product review, Acoustic and Digital Piano Buyer (Spring 2021).

Parker, Don, Andrew Allen, Mia Eaton, and Chris Enghauser. 3rd Annual Jazz at the Magnolia, Magnolia Ballroom, Georgia College, September 18, 2021.

Peebles, Laurie, and Hilary Yip. “Jammin’ in the Garage: The Clinical Use of GarageBand in Music Therapy.” Continuing Music Therapy Education. Presented at the Music Therapy of Georgia State Meeting, June 15, 2021 (Virtual).
Peebles, Laurie. “Jammin’ in the Garage: The Clinical Use of GarageBand in Music Therapy.” Continuing Music Therapy Education. Presented at the American Music Therapy Association National Conference, October 15, 2021 (Virtual).
_____. “Personality-Centered Supervision for Music Therapy Students.” Concurrent Session. Presented at the American Music Therapy Association National Conference, October 16, 2021 (Virtual).
_____. “Personality and the Quality of the Music Therapy Supervisory-Intern Relationship.” Research Poster Presentation. Presented at the American Music Therapy Association National Conference, October 14-17, 2021 (Virtual).

Piazza-Pick, Jennifer. Ensemble-in-Residence with Whistling Hens, Darkwater Womxn in Music Festival, UNC Pembroke, September 23-25, 2021.
_____. Presentation of the Composition Competition Winners (virtual). Darkwater Womxn in Music Festival, UNC Pembroke. November 21, 2021.
Piazza-Pick, Jennifer, with R. Timothy McReynolds. “Have You Heard This One?.” Recital of 21st Century American Art Song, including 19 Short Songs About Chuck Norris by Dr. David Johnson. Townsend School of Music, Mercer University, October 29, 2021.

_____. “Sing a New Song.” Faculty Recital of 21st Century American Art Song, including 19 Short Songs About Chuck Norris by Dr. David Johnson. Max Noah Recital Hall, Georgia College, November 1, 2021.

Towner, Cliff. Professional leave for ongoing research on the topics of educational philosophy, inquiry, and mindfulness and how they apply to teaching music in a large ensemble setting, Spring 2022.

Trax on the Trail: 2020
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Making Connections

Bobcat Keys

Fall ’21 was the second iteration of our BASF Bobcat Keys, after school piano outreach program. This program, part of the Center for Music Education, gives ten Wilkinson County Elementary School students a full semester of group piano lessons in Georgia College’s state-of-the-art piano lab. Beginner students are taught by service-minded piano majors who completed our elective piano pedagogy course, and want to continue to hone their teaching skills. Ellie Deener (BA junior), Aliyah Walker (BMT junior), and Charles Pepper (BMT senior) spent fifteen weeks preparing these enthusiastic 3rd-5th graders for a gala concert in Max Noah Recital Hall, where they were met with copious applause by friends and family, received signed participation certificates, and had a chance to get their pictures taken with Thunder, the GC mascot. We thank our generous corporate sponsor, BASF, for funding student transportation to campus, piano method books, and snazzy program t-shirts that we wore every Tuesday!

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Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions hosted its bi-annual concert on November 22, featuring Georgia College’s music therapy students and performers with disAbilities from the Life Enrichment Center. Various performing groups showcased tunes from across the 1980s and 2000s in a show titled, Double Decades. Check out this great story on the 20+ year collaboration: Soundtrack of Life: Georgia College Enriches Lives of Adults with disAbilities. The concert debuted the first performance of the newest group, the Men’s Vocal Percussion group, AKA the MVPs. For more information about Creative Expressions, click here.

Music Therapy Clinic

This year we are glad to be back in the schools, face to face, visiting over eighty K-12 students with disAbilites in the Baldwin County School System. Each week, Caroline Miller, LPMT, MT-BC, leads sessions spread across five schools, where she works on non-musical outcomes with students. This past fall, students were featured in a compilation of music videos in a performance titled, “Let’s Get in the Groove”. The students assisted in choosing the performance pieces which included classroom favorites such as Usher’s “ABC song,” “Walk the Dinosaur,” and “Peaches.” These students were engaged in active music-making while also working on social skills, motor coordination, self-expression, and communication skills. The MT Clinic provides engaged learning opportunities for music therapy students, while also providing access to music therapy services to those in Milledgeville and surrounding areas. This fall, eleven music therapy students earned their clinical hours in the clinic, under the direct supervision of professional music therapists. For more information about individual and group music therapy services at Georgia College, click here.

Congratulations to our December 2021 Graduates!

Bachelor of Music Therapy

Katherine O. Brashear

Hanlee F. McCart

Ashley R. Newkirk

Master of Music Therapy

Amber Patterson (pictured)

Matthew Seymour

Alumni News

Alumni Spotlight: Emily Beggs (BMT ’17, MMT '19)

Where are you from?

I was adopted from China and was raised in Lincolnton, Georgia!

What year did you graduate and what degree did you receive?

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music Therapy in 2017, and later graduated with a Masters in Music Therapy in 2019.

What have you been up to since your graduation from Georgia College?

Since graduating in 2019, I have been teaching English in South Korea. While living in South Korea, I have been documenting my experience through YouTube videos! I also released an original song onto music streaming platforms for the first time!

What is your fondest memory from your time at Georgia College?

My fondest memory while being a student at Georgia College was when my MT peers and I were given an in-class assignment to create and record a song through phrases we found in the Georgia College newspaper. We were allowed to use any instruments in the inventory and were encouraged to use the loop machine. Making music with my friends spontaneously was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.

In what ways did your time at Georgia College prepare you to achieve your professional goals?

Because of my professors and their standards and assignments they gave me, I was able to discover strengths in myself that I never believed I had. I would not have been able to play guitar and sing to my favorite songs, or create my own songs if it wasn’t for Georgia College. These skills not only helped me when I was working as a music therapist but also have helped me create engaging and creative lessons as an English teacher. Most importantly, my GCSU professors always pushed me to believe in myself, and I will hold that close to me forever in my professional and personal life.

What advice would you give to current music students?

When it comes to creating something, I think it is easy to be hard on yourself. The fear of it never being good enough. For some, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and settle with doing the bare minimum. However, I encourage students to find the special spark in themselves and make something they are genuinely proud of. Choose to believe in your greatness and follow through. That’s all you need. Then, I think you’ll always be making a step towards progress.

What are our alumni up to?

  • Banzon, Gabrielle Nicole. “A Look Into SPACE: A Self-Experiential Songwriting Journal for Students and Professionals.” Review published by GAMUT - Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre in Voices 21, no. 2 (2021).
  • Brashear, Katie (BMT ’21), accepted a music therapy position at UAB Medicine in Birmingham, AL.
  • Burns, Greg (BME ‘08), played trumpet in the “The Band Directors Marching Band” in the 133rd Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2022, as part of the Saluting America's Band Directors project.
  • Carden, Sarah (Fender) (BME ‘12), Master of Music in Music Education, Georgia Southern University, 2016.
  • Chalker, Dennis (BMT ‘81), Arson Investigator for Effingham County Fire Department.
  • Galvan, Hugo (BMT ‘19), Master of Music in Music Therapy, Florida State University, 2020.
  • Johnson, Ryan (BME '17). Artist Diploma student at Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University, appointment as Adjunct Professor of Music in Saxophone at LaGrange College.
  • Jones, Hillary (BME ‘09), Master of Music Education, Georgia College, 2019. Guest clinician for the Senior Women’s Chorus at the GMEA District 14 Honor Chorus at Piedmont University in Demorest, GA, October 30, 2021.
  • LeGrand, Rachel (MME ‘20), Doctor of Music Education, Liberty University, began in Fall 2021.
  • Long, Heidi (BME, ‘98), Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Educational Leadership and Administration (Principal Licensure Preparation), Walden University. Educational Specialist in Teacher Leadership, Thomas University. Cotton Indian Elementary (Henry County Schools) Teacher of the Year, 2021.
  • Lott, Karen (MME ‘08), retiring in May 2022.
  • Mack, Robert "Micky" (BMT ‘09), Master of Social Work: Integrated Health, California State University, Long Beach, 2017. Licensed Clinical Social Worker/LCSW (2020). Presentations: Musical Interventions for Non-musical Goals (2019, 2021). Leadership: UTLA Black Wellness Caucus (2021-present), California Conference for Equality and Justice (2017-2021). Council on Social Work Education Fellowship Mentor: Minority Fellowship Program-Youth/MFP-Y (2020, 2021).
  • Mann, Kathryn (BA ‘13), PhD Fine Arts (Musicology), Texas Tech University, 2021. Research in progress: "Not Your Best American Girl: Identity in Mitski Miyawaki's Music" (working title).
  • McDonald, Jacob (BA ‘20), Master of Music in Vocal Performance, Georgia State University, began in Fall 2021. Played the role of Luciano in John Musto’s Bastianello, 2021.
  • McIntire, Frances Bess (BMT ’21), accepted a music therapy position at Children’s HealthCare of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA.
  • Merck, Kaitlin (BME ‘17), played flute in the “The Band Directors Marching Band” in the 133rd Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2022, as part of the Saluting America's Band Directors project.
  • Robertson, Mandy (King) (BME ‘08), Educational Specialist (EDS) in Teacher Leadership, Georgia College, began in Summer 2021.
  • Robinson, Cory (BA ‘13). Contemporary Warm-Ups for Choir and Popular Music Ensembles. Spencer, 2021.
  • Shanine, Miquel (BMT ‘13). Myers-Coffman, K., Krater, C., Shanine, M., & Bradt, J. (2020). Feasibility and acceptability of the resilience songwriting program for adolescent bereavement. The Arts in Psychotherapy 71, Article 101724.

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Timehop: Georgia College choir tour ca. 1980

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