Travel Team

By: Mike Lupica


Danny Walker is a 12 years old and really wants to become a member of the city's travel basketball team. When he finds out he does not make it because of his size, he wants more than anything to show them that he should be a member. When his dad Richie Walker, a famous basketball player, comes to town and finds out that his kid did not make the team he is furious. So he starts to make his own travel basketball team with the other kids that did not make the team. When they start playing their games they do not play well and they lose.


  • Danny Walker- protaganist , quiet, short, and basketball player
  • Richie Walker- dad, basketball player, coach, injured
  • Ali Walker- mom, teacher, helpful
  • Tess Hewitt-friend, happy, nice, caring, tall, photographer
  • Will Stoddard- best friend, short, loud, basketball player, funny
  • Ty Ross- friend, basketball player, tall, quiet

Setting- In the small town of Middletown

Conflict- Danny does not make the towns travel basketball team and now has nowhere to play basketball.


The theme of this book is that you should never give up and you can always find a way to do what you love


I really liked the book Travel Team because it was really realistic and it involved basketball which is one of my favorite sports. I also really liked the theme of this book. It shows you in a book really how to persevere through things and good things will come just like they did for Danny.