Air Pollution

By: Ashley Ferriss

Causes of Air Pollution & Kinds of Air Pollution

There are two different kinds of air pollution, primary sources and secondary sources. Primary sources are things that cause air pollution on their own , and a Secondary source is something that lets off particles that cause air pollution. There are many causes of air pollution such as Dust, Dirt, Soot, Smoke, and things that use gas, like cars.

Reducing Air Pollution

The rule known as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule was put into place to limit the amount of things that are in use that create air pollution. Many laws and rules have been put into place to try and limit the amount of air pollution we have and to improve the air quality. These rules try to prevent the use of machines and other things that give off dangerous chemicals that harm the air and living things.

Global Changes over time.

Since the 1990's the outdoor air quality has improved, but there are still things that we could do to improve it more. While trying to improve the air quality there are many challenges we face, such as ground-level ozone and particle pollution. They cause many problems and risk factors to the air and public health of the United States

Effects on health

Air pollution causes many risk factors to humans, but especially to the people that have health issues like Asthma, Heart Disease, and Lung Disease. Many babies and people of older age have a higher chance of developing symptoms such as eye irritation, trouble breathing, and diseases such as lung cancer. Anyone can be effected by air pollution, but it effects different people in different ways depending on their age & what diseases or health issues they have.