The Hoof Print (4/08/2019)

Michael R. Null Middle School

Principal Notes

What a great week to be a STALLION!

What an interesting few weeks of school! As of this writing, all activities and school is back to normal for next week. We are going to try and file a waiver with the state for the 2 days that we missed. Monday will be business as usual. Please tell your kiddos to came to school with their IDs and minds ready to focus. The first round of STAAR testing begins next week. Three days of missed instruction this time of the year really hurt, but we tried to make it up. We need your help. We need the kiddos to come to school well rested each day and focused. As long as you can help us with those things, we will take care of the rest.

See you around the campus...

Remember, we are the Best school with the Best students and the Best faculty and staff. Good, Better, Best!!! Never let it rest, until your good gets better and your better gets best!


Leroy Bradley II

Every Child - Everyday!

NMS UIL Competition

This past Saturday a few of our brave Stallions ventured to New Caney HS to compete in the middle school UIL competition. We did very well, and we brought home several wins. Thank you Stacy Holt for organizing everything! You did an awesome job!
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Rice University NASA Space Day

Rice University NASA Space Day Rocket Construction

Important Dates

April 8th (Monday):

  • TELPAS Window

April 9th (Tuesday):

  • TELPAS Window
  • 7th Grade STAAR Writing Assessment
  • 8th Grade STAAR Math Assessment

April 10th (Wednesday):

  • TELPAS Window
  • 8th Grade STAAR Reading Assessment

April 11th (Thursday):

  • TELPAS Window

April 12th (Friday):

  • TELPAS Window

April 13th (Saturday):

  • C-STEM Robotics Competition - Competition Gym


SMART Academy After-School Program

Afternoon and morning program are available Monday- Thursday.

Morning program time are from 7-8am

We have certified teachers cover the morning component of programming to help assist with academic assistance and homework help.

Afternoon program time are from 4-6pm

In the afterschool program we have trusted staff members that’s available to assist students with homework help. As well as, we as a program monitor student’s grades and make sure their attending any tutorial that’s necessary to assist academically. Our first hour of program focused on academic needs, and second hour of program students are giving the option to choose an enrichment activity of their preference.

Our Enrichment Activities we offer are:








DJ Lessons

Sports (Sponsor Coach Holt)

Book Club (Sponsor- Campus Librarian Ms. Miramontes)

Null News Network 4-1-2019

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Null News Network 4-5-2019

Stallion Success Tips


Apr 8, 2019


Remind your teen that real people read his online posts. Before he posts something, he should consider whether it’s kind and how he’d feel if someone wrote the same thing to or about him. If he’s uncertain, he should reword or delete it.

Recuerde a su adolescente que personas reales leen sus publicaciones en línea. Antes de publicar algo, debe pensar si es algo amable y cómo se sentiría si alguien le escribiera lo mismo a él o sobre él. Si está indeciso, debe usar otras palabras o borrarlo.


Apr 9, 2019


Warmer weather may make your child feel cooped up at homework time. Suggest she take her studies to a quiet place outside where she can enjoy the fresh air as she works. She might settle into a lawn chair in the backyard or work at a patio table.

El clima cálido puede hacer que su hija se sienta enjaulada a la hora de las tareas escolares. Sugiera que lleve sus tareas a un sitio tranquilo afuera donde pueda disfrutar del aire fresco. Puede sentarse en una silla de jardín o trabajar en una mesa exterior.


Apr 10, 2019


Invite your teen to create a “found poem.” Have him select a few books with interesting titles and stack them so he can see the spines. Now he could rearrange the stack until he’s satisfied with the “poem” the titles form and read it aloud to you.

Invite a su hijo a crear un “poema encontrado”. Puede seleccionar libros con títulos interesantes y apilarlos con el lomo visible. Luego puede reorganizar la pila hasta quedar satisfecho con el “poema” que forman los títulos y leérselo en voz alta.


Apr 11, 2019


When you need to discipline your teen, it can be tempting to bring up past mistakes. But dragging the past into the present makes her feel like she’s in trouble for the same thing all over again. You’ll get better results by sticking to the current issue.

Cuando debe disciplinar a su hija, es tentador mencionar errores pasados. Pero traer el pasado al presente la hace sentir que otra vez está en problemas por lo mismo. Tendrá mejores resultados si se apega al problema actual.


Apr 12, 2019


Use emojis for this thinking challenge. How many rebuses (words made using pictures) can your child create with the emojis on a cell phone? For example, a cup emoji + a cake emoji = “cupcake,” and a musical note emoji + a book emoji = “notebook.”

Use emojis para este reto. ¿Cuántos pictogramas (palabras formadas con imágenes) puede crear su hijo con los emojis en un celular? Ej.: emoji de 100 + emoji de pie “ciempiés”, y emoji de agua + emoji de fiesta “aguafiestas”.


Apr 13, 2019


Cure spring fever by touring your town. Let your teen research free or inexpensive places your family can visit nearby. Suggest that he use newspapers and guidebooks. Or he could search for your city and “travel guide” online and use what he finds to plan an outing.

Cure la fiebre primaveral recorriendo su ciudad. Deje que su adolescente busque lugares gratis o económicos para visitar en familia. Sugiera que use periódicos y guías turísticas. O puede buscar su ciudad y “guía de viajes” en línea y usar lo que encuentre para planear un paseo.


Apr 14, 2019


Does your teenager have a realistic view of the finances it will take to live on her own? Let her help with the family budget to gain real-world experience. You could put her in charge of finding ways to save on groceries or trim entertainment costs.

¿Tiene su adolescente una idea realista de lo que significa vivir por su cuenta? Permita que ayude con el presupuesto familiar para adquirir experiencia de la vida real. Puede ponerla a cargo de buscar formas de ahorrar en el súper o reducir los costos de entretenimiento.

The Parent and Family Engagement Connection





NMS Weekly Attendance

Let's keep our attendance strong. Our weekly goal is 97%!
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'A' House Students of the Month

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Victor Martinez, Eva Barrera, Elicia Wright, Humberto Benavides, Asia Fontenot, Tyler Marshall

'B' House Students of the Month

Big picture

Manuel Sorto, Yocelin Real, Johnny Morales, Monserrath Rodriguez, Bryan Hernandez, Kristal Salazar

Educator of the Month Educator of the Month

  • Our educator of the month is.....Morgan Saied

  • Morgan's Family members are her husband Mark, her 4 year old sold Owen, and soon to be daughter Quinn. She says she has so many great friends that she will not attempt to name them because she doesn't want to leave anyone off. Her favorite things to do are spending time with her family, being outdoors, swimming, and running. Her favorite book is "The Giver." Her favorite movie is "Cool Hand Luke," and her favorite shows are "Stranger Things" and "Parks & Recreation." One thing that you may not know about Morgan is that she likes to paint and create things!

Student of the Month

  • Our student of the month is.... Tyler Marshall

  • Vincent's family members are Tyler, his mom, his dad, his brother, and his 2 little sisters. His best buds are Joaquin, Jonathan, Kevin, Aiden, and Zayvier. Vincent is not really into reading but he loves to watch the "Coach Snoop," "Chasing Monsters," and "Lone Star Law." He loves to play football, basketball, and video games. Something that you may not now about him is that he is very strong. Congrats Tyler!

Null Middle School Instructional Insight Newsletter

You find information about what is going on in core content classes (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies).

STEM Corner

Here’s what’s Happening in STEM this week:

Grade 7

STEM ELAR: The students will participate in a series of STAAR Writing Blitz activities to prepare for their state Writing Assessment.

STEM Lab: Students will be working on their Second Rotation of College and Career Engineering Labs.

STEM Math: We will begin our Financial Literacy PBL.

STEM Science: We are starting to talk about the flow of energy in an ecosystem. Student will be using correct vocabulary to describe the organisms in different ecosystems and explain how energy flows through these ecosystems.

STEM Tx. History: Students are learning about the Civil War and Texas's role.

Grade 8

STEM ELAR: The students will participate in a series of STAAR Reading Blitz activities to prepare for their state Reading Assessment.

STEM Lab: Students will be working on their Second Rotation of College and Career Engineering Labs.

STEM American History: Students will be finishing their interactive Civil War Timeline's and studying Reconstruction. They will then begin writing and creating a Podcast.

STEM Science: In 8th Grade STEM Science, students will be studying Plate Tectonics.

Our Spring STEM Showcase that was scheduled for March 21st has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019, from 6:30-8:00 pm. We are asking all STEM students and parents to attend this wonderful event!

Have a GREAT Week!


Another GREAT week in the Elective Department!

ART - Mr. Cleaves

Please stop by the display window on the 500 hallway to see the students Rodeo Art. The art department is working on artwork for the Choral Canvas. Choral Canvas is coming up at the end of the month: Thursday, April 25. 5:30-6:30

BAND - Ms. Tieman and Mr. Ross

Tuesday, April 12 is the deadline to sign up for band trips/spring contests.

Honor/Symphonic Bands: April 27 to Schlitterbahn (and Clear Lake HS for contest) $40

Beginner Band: May 24 to It'z (including a Band Contest) $20

ALL band students

· Chocolate bar fundraiser beings April 4 and will run until April 24. Make sure to turn in your permission slip to sell World’s Finest Chocolate.

· All students should be practicing on a regular basis at home. If students are not able to take their instrument home, the band hall is open for students to practice 8:05-8:25 every morning and most afternoons 4-5pm.

Honor Band and Symphonic Band students participated in Pre-UIL evaluation last week (3/28) at King High School. The students represented NMS very well and the judges provided great feedback to help the students improve before the official UIL evaluation on April 17 and 18!

CAP (Civil Air Patrol) - Lt Col Peace and Capt Roland

CAP I cadets will taking a promotion exam on Chapter 3 (The Art and the Science). This chapter gives the student a working definition of "leadership" and it explains why leaders need to display special qualities.

CAP I cadets will begin constructing a model rocket using 2-liter plastic bottles. We provided each student with a list of supplies (Two 2-liter plastic bottles and a role of duct tape) at the beginning of March. If students do not have supplies, they will complete a research project.

CAP II cadets will complete Chapter 4 (The Cadet NCO & The Team) where they studied the role of the NCO and the importance of professionalism.

CAP III cadets will continue with Chapter 7 (Leadership Schools of Thought) and studying how to transform a team.

All cadets will wear uniforms each Thursday throughout April. Please understand that uniform wear is nearly half of the grades in the class.

We will start to return uniforms during the first week in May. If your student has lost or damaged their uniform, please call us to discuss reimbursement costs.

ROBOTICS - Mr. Peace

Students will continue to create and program a variety of robots including models that walk like an elephant, hop like a frog, run like a dog.

Parents...THANK YOU for your continued support!

James D. Peace

Elective Department Chairperson

Michael R. Null Middle School

O: 281-436-2864


Good Day all Stallions-

Physicals were a HUGE success! Thanks to all the guys/gals and especially YOU parents that took care of this for us. We took 183 Null Athletes over to the high school- DOUBLE more than any year before! Great job!

IF YOU DID NOT GET A PHYSICAL WITH US- its ok you still have time. Here is what you must do:

1) Get a physical form from one of the coaches.

2) Go to your personal doctor and have a physical examination

3) Bring the SIGNED/COMPLETED form to one of the coaches before day 1 of school next year

Any questions please contact


N.M.S. Stallions

Remember, we are the Best school with the Best students, Best parents, and the Best faculty and staff. Good, Better, Best!!! Never let it rest, until your good gets better and your better gets best!