Going Google

Without Going Crazy - Volume 3

Google Tip #1 - Emails to Tasks

Looking for a convenient way to convert your emails to tasks so they appear on your calendar? Try adding it to your task list by:
  • selecting the email
  • clicking the "More"
  • and choosing “Add to Tasks.”
Now, your email is a to-do item on your task list that you can check off when you’ve completed it.

Google Tip #2 - Send SMS from GMAIL

Send SMS text messages for free right from Gmail! In the Settings menu, choose the Labs tab. Click Enable SMS messaging:
Return to your mail screen, and look at your Chat box. Now you should see SMS as an option.

Enter a mobile phone number into the box. Click “Send SMS”. You will get a popup box asking you to enter a Contact name. Gmail will store this information for you so you won’t have to enter that number each time. Notice you can even send texts to people in different countries! (Check that their mobile carrier is supported by clicking the link)

Now you should see a chat box open with your contact. Just type into the chat box like you normally would. Every time you hit Enter, a text is sent.

Google will give you up to 50 free SMS messages to use. Each time you send an SMS, one credit will be deducted. However, each time you receive a reply, you are awarded 5 more! (If you’re running low, consider opening a SMS box with your own cell phone number and replying back to earn credits)

Google Tip #3 - Create Templates in Google Drive

Looking for a way to create a department template so others at your school or RRISD can benefit? Try submitting a template to the RRISD gallery.

After you create your Google document (or any Google spreadsheet, form, presentation, or drawing) that you would like to use as a template , go to your Drive homepage.

Click on Create and select “from template.”

In the new screen, in the far right, click “submit a template.”

Here, you can select from any of your Google Docs, create a description for the template, and categorize it. Important note: once it is a template, others at RRISD can modify it. Therefore, it is wise to make a copy of the document prior to submitting it as a template.

The template will appear under the RoundRock ISD Templates and My Templates.

Visit RRISD Google Training Center for More How-To-Tips