Do you like playing football?

How about supporting for a good cause?

Come play 7v7 flag football on October 5th!

75% of the money raised will go to the local food bank. The cost is 5 dollars a person, or 35 dollars a team. There is room for 16 teams, enough for a full day of play!


8:30-9 Tailgating/Team Attendance

9-9:45 Warm-Up

9:45-10 Report to field if playing

10-10:30 First Games

10:30-1 Games

1-4 Playoffs

4-4:30 Cool Down

4:30-5:30 Awards

6-10 Pool

Eat the Ball

Saturday, Oct. 29th, 9:45pm

Central Park, Grayslake, IL, United States

Grayslake, IL

We will be playing on both football fields, and will have the pool rented out that night by donors, perfect for families and friends alike to get together.