Caesar soundtrack

by:Destiny Onyancha

History By: One Direction

This song is intentionally about One Direction progress and love for their fans. I am interpreting it in a different way for this. In the first few lines Harry starts off by saying you got to help me i'm losing my mind. I think this relates to when Caesar was talking to Antony about Cassius and Antony says he thinks to much. The song then goes on a little more to Niall's part were he sings Now my heart is breaking and I don't know what to do. This goes perfectly, for me to when Brutus is conflicted on loving Caesar as a friend and Loving Rome. This song is just perfect for the conflict of theses two characters and their history.

Torn By: Natalie Imbruglia

This song is about hurting. You Loved someone then they turned out to be completely different. One verse goes guess the fortune teller's right should have seen just what was there and not some holy light. I think this applies to Caesar just because the soothsayer was right and the man, Artemidorous, was trying to warn him but in true Caesar fashion he didn't listen. A main line is You're a little late, i'm already torn. I think this shows how Caesar himself was already to late to realize who he had become and the enemies he had made. Even his friend turned against him.

Wonderwall By: Oasis

I interpret this song in Antony's point of view like he is talking to Brutus and Cassius about the people of Rome. In the opening lines it goes, today is going to be the day that they are going o throw it back to you. it feels like this could be a play on words from Antony, like it could mean this is the day they will realizes that you all killed Caesar and must be punished or that they are all going back on Caesar side and this is the day they throw their love back to him. It has a double meaning.
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